10 Best Blazer And Trouser Combinations/How To Match Blazers And Trousers


In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses his picks for the 10 best blazer and trouser combinations. He talks about how men can match blazers and trousers.

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  1. I tried the herb tone pair combination for my friends pre wedding party. Everyone really complimented the look. Thanks for the amazing video!

  2. Jeff, you are an inspiring guy. My closet is so broad after many decades of collecting that I can explore some of the hints, clues and tactics you demonstrate in your videos. They’re even helping us 60 plussers. I must say you are unique in your style as well. I’m proud to say I am your homeboy originally from your west. Please don’t stop.

  3. Your videos are so very helpful! Do you recommend a channel for females that is along the lines of your content for men…only for women?

  4. hello mate one of my friends told me that I should NEVER wear a double breasted balzer jacket with a matched trouser i.e. same colour same pattern same fabric trouser, is it true? much appreciated if you could answer it

  5. Outstanding as always…since it's still summer…at church today..I wore a cream colored trouser….my jacket was linen light blue windowpane…pocket square black and gray diamond shape….shirt contrasting collar..my tie was a red Repp tie blue stripe…Jeff your videos are joy..keep it up my brother…?PEACE and love to all

  6. Great ideas Jeff! Personally I like the necktie to be the statement piece. Right now I'm working on simple white and pale blue dress shirts with neckties that stand out a bit (without being too loud). Ties are where we can play around with colors the most, so that's where I like to have fun.

  7. Great tip pairing the black formal jacket with gray pants to stand out and still look classy. I might try this look this summer at a wedding.

  8. Hey brother. I've been running through these videos like water since I subscribed a couple days ago. This channel is easily one of the best things going on YouTube. I also appreciate how responsive you are to comments, especially given your undoubtedly busy schedule. I have two questions: One, can tweed pair with any other fabric/trouser other than denim/jeans? I'm a college professor who's lived almost exclusively in tweed and denim these past few years and I'm looking to step my game up this semester. Also on the topic of fabric, does it matter, in your opinion, whether the tops and bottoms match in that regard? Or is color the primary concern? Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate your feedback.

  9. Bought a gray casual sportscoat at the GAP 11 years ago for $5.00. It was bought online and returned. Love it but is wearing out looking for its replacement. Great vid. Love the earth tones you put together.

  10. Great blazer trouser combinations. In Minnesota's winter, in addition to your excellent suggestions, I like a dark brown corduroy blazer with rust color chinos. It works well with a white turtleneck sweater and tan dress boots. Practical, warm, stylish 🙂

  11. Jeff, excellent video! The blue/grey look at 1:28 was flawlessly executed. I know you used that example before (I get it. No need to mess w/ perfection 👍). That tweed look at 3:22 is my right in my comfort zone. With jeans, odd tweed trousers, matching tweed trousers, you just can't go wrong. WRT pattern/statement look at 6:14, I've seen whole suits like and I think that it's too much going on visually (for me), but now I see how to pull it off that bold pattern with style. Ive got a handle on monochromatic looks when it comes to casual/street wear but I've been hesitant about pairing different tonal blues in business casual. With your examples, I have more knowledge and confidence in how to pull off a similar look. Thank you for the wisdom.

  12. O.G. have you every shopped at ASOS? I found its a great site for good quality European style, great return policy, I brought a a suit jacket that fit great!! Love your show keep it coming. I let all my boys know about your page salute!!

  13. Salute! I wear my light gray unstructured blazer down here In warmer climates (Atlanta, Dallas, Memphis, etc.). Pair this with a white oxford and navy blue trousers.

  14. Jeff, you hit it out of the park on this video. Very helpful. You basically just showed me how to "multiply" my wardrobe exponentially. Salute!

  15. Or a cool rock t shirt like white rolling stones with lips and blue sports coat and med wash jeans and white Stan Smith's

  16. " Earth Tones – with – Earth Tones." —- that's a helpful tip, thank you! You look great in the tweed, by the way.


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