10 Movies to Watch During Your Coronavirus Quarantine


I hope you’re all staying safe out there, and being smart about exposure. While you’re staying home for a Coronavirus quarantine, here are 10 feel-good movies to watch. Stay safe!

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  1. Here are the ten movies I’d highly recommend you checking out during this lockdown/coronavirus quarantine:
    1. The Shawshank Redemption
    2. The Godfathers 1 & 2
    3. The Lion King (1994)
    4. The Dark Knight
    5. Toy Story (all 4 of them)
    6. Star Wars (any of them)
    7. Harry Potter (all 8 of them)
    8. Terminator (especially the first two)
    9. Gladiator
    10. The Lord of the Rings (all freaking 3 of them)

  2. here are movies that i recommend:
    – John wick 3
    – knives out
    – parasite
    – train to busan
    – contagion
    – captain America winter soldier
    – creed
    – the gangster the cop and the devil
    – star wars revenge of the Sith
    – 1917

  3. These older movies are more difficult to find. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a fun movie I totally agree.
    You can watch multiple times and never get bored:D

  4. Movies I'd recommend
    The heat
    The spy
    Life of the party
    The package
    Project X
    Me before you
    Someone Great
    Bad Boys for Life
    The Children Act

    but I need new suggestions 😩


  6. I’ve seen most of your list. It’s a good list. Here’s mine: 1: TMNT 1990 2: Rookie of the year 3: Uncle Buck 4: Men in Black 5: Batman 1989 6: Batman Returns 7: Spaceballs 8: Are We There Yet 9: A league of their own 10: Forest Grump

  7. 10 Marvel Movies to watch during Corona (no particular order)
    10. Deadpool 1 & 2
    9. Kingsman: The Secret Service
    8. Transformers the Movie
    7. Black Panther
    6. Guardians of the Galaxy
    5. X2: X-Men United
    4. Howard the Duck
    3. The Avengers Trilogy (Avengers 1, Age of Ultron, Infinity War and Endgame)
    2. Captain America: Civil War
    1. The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2

  8. I recommend watching After earth on Netflix.
    It's a movie about a teenaged boy who had to walk to a beaker on earth to save himself and his father as they had just crashed and his father broke both his legs. The son also had to kill the alien that broke out during the crash. And the only way to do so is to be ghost and show no fear.
    This movie taught me a pretty good life lesson that I use alot. And you will really like it if your like me and you like action and science fiction movies (sci-fi)

  9. A few movies you also could watch during coronavirus: (random order)
    1. THE FLY (1986)
    2. 28 days later
    3. Zombieland
    4. 10 cloverfield lane (must watch)
    5. Identity
    6. The thing
    7. Night of the living dead
    8. The game (really good)
    9. The Martian
    10. Quiet place

  10. Movies I'd recommend (not in order)-
    1. The Shawshank redemption
    2. The astronaut's wife
    3. Case 39
    4. Orphan
    5. Final destination franchise
    6. The visit
    7. Get smart
    8. Johnny english trilogy
    9. Troy
    10. Social media
    11. The Internship
    12. Six days seven nights
    13. The sisterhood of the traveling pants
    14. Shaun of the dead
    15. Walking tall
    16. Any MCU MOVIE
    17. pirates of the Caribbean franchise
    18. Sweeny todd
    19. Get out
    20. I am sam
    21. Gangs of wasseypur (hindi)
    22. 3 idiots (hindi)
    23. Evil dead
    24. The 36th chamber of shaolin
    25. Road trip
    26. the exorcist
    27. Apollo 13
    28. Room

  11. Fantastic list. Tom Hooper, Danny Boyle, Peter Weir and Robert Zemenckis? Great stuff! I completely agree about Boyle being one of the most innovative directors around.

    Though, I would probably put some older titles in it as well, but still, a great list.

  12. Just watch the Skywalker Saga, again. Or at the very least the original and sequel trilogies. If you can though, I'd recommend trying to find different edits for the prequels if you have the patience to do so. If there's one edit I recommend it's definitely Cats Prime Cut's version of Attack of The Clones. The only thing I don't like about it is how she tried to shove in the TPM duel with Darth Maul and the crawl referring to it as "Episode 1" in the beginning, and the oddly wonky version of the Star Wars theme, but other than that it vastly improved the original in every other way. Sheepish is making a good edit for The Phantom Menace too, but it's taking ages and it hasn't been released yet sadly. It doesn't help that he disappeared for many years either. The Last Jedi edit by Ivan Ortega is okay, but just restore the ending scenes where Luke dies, minus the broom kid since he doesn't appear, and use the Admiral Akbar scenes by Gigawattboy and you're good. Adding in Kylo Ren vs. Darth Vader in The Force Awakens before Han and crew land on Takodana really helps add more depth too, not needed, but still great. There are a few little small separate edits of Revenge of The Sith made that you can find on YouTube to improve the overall pace like with edits by Kyro91, or something as subtle as Samuel Kim's combination of the Imperial March with The Jedi Temple March, and I like the Maze Windy vs. Palpating edit by Nerdit Droid, but aside from that there's really not much else to change for the actual film. Actually, the majority of the changes I made are for the ending. Instead of rolling into credits on Tatooine I extend the movie by around 20-30 minutes by adding in the Vader and Kenobi fan films, and tying it all together with a few tweaks to SC 38 reimagined to tie it to the original trilogy better and to set up more anticipation for the sequels. My viewing order is the originals, then prequels, and then sequels after all. It's how it was meant to be viewed for the majority of watchers anyways, so I think it helps staying consistent to the release order, especially since the prequels could ruin some of the originals magic if you haven't seen them first. And it goes without saying that you need to have the original trilogy Despecialized Editions. There's just no excuse to avoid them anymore if you are since you can download them off of Archive. org. Nuff said.

    But yeah, that's just my advice and my way to make the main 9 Star Wars movies even better. Really though, it's up to you how you want to watch them, but if you want an authentic experience from front to back, do it like that, time will fly by in no time.

    Oh, and add in the 2010-2020 20th Century Fox logo intros to the sequel trilogy, it just doesn't feel the same without them. That's not necessary either but it does help pump you up more.

    But yeah, if you have the time, effort and patience to go through with all of that searching and editing, you'll damn well appreciate the movie a lot more. It takes a lot to actually do, but trust me. It's worth it. And hey, if you don't like all of my suggestions, maybe you can edit them in your own way that you do like. Be a little creative, it never hurts to improve a movie that you've already seen thousands of times to suit you better for even more rewatching.

    Alright, happy viewing. 🙂

  13. My Quarantine Movie Recommend:
    -Zombie Land
    – Shaun Of The Dead
    -Hot Fuzz
    -The Worlds End
    – This Is The End
    -Attack The Block
    – The Fly (1986)
    -Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)
    -The Never Ending Story
    – Hook

  14. 1 – Star Wars ( any)
    2 – Indiana Jones (any)
    3 – E.T
    4 – Jurassic Park
    5 – Jaws
    6 – Back to the Future (Any)
    7 – Inception
    8 – Interstellar
    9 – Titanic

  15. Fight Club and Into the Wild. These two changed perception of my life. Highly recommended. Also, a few awesome thrillers to keep you on the edge… Prisoners, Se7en, Invicible Guest, The Guest, Panic Room, Purge: Anarchy, 28 days later, Wind River… Stay safe fellas. Stay home.


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