11/7/2011 Tipton, OK Tornado Footage, long format video.


On Monday afternoon, StormChasingVideo.com Weather Paparazzi Brandon Sullivan was near Tipton, OK where he caught this extraordinary tornado footage.

In the start of the video it shows a wide shot of the storm and the tornado on a southward approach to the storm. Brandon zooms into a tight shot of the tornado while he and his chase partners follow the storm.

The video then shows a medium to tight shot on a powerful tornado ripping across the ground. This footage shows a text book violent tornado.

The footage continues as the tornado travels to the north with both with intense circulation as it traveled across the open country. At one point the large tornado becomes translucent allowing the inner circulation to become apparent.

As the tornado moved to the north, it went into the Wichita Mountains in southwest Oklahoma. Brandon tried to keep up with the tornado and in the end of the footage it is from his a GoPro camera mounted on the hood of his truck with a wide angle point of view as he approached the large tornado. He paralleled the the tornado after he stopped to let it pass to the north.

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  1. @ContentMature

    I guess I see that. You have to be into that kind of stuff and that is probably why I don't see it quite like that. Your point is well taken.

  2. @5papa It's because they're overcoming a fear, and it gives them an adrenaline boost. I personally would love to see a tornado in person… obviously not close up, but nonetheless I'd like to see one. I WILL agree however, that the way he reacted to houses being ripped from their foundations isn't professional, but again, the adrenaline boost kind of overcomes common sense at this point.

  3. I have never understood why these people get so excited over this kind of thing. These things are killers that take people's lives and property and people sit there and whoop and holler like they are at some party. Weird behavior if you ask me.

  4. God shut up! Another Reed Timmer, as many have said how in the hell can you get excited when somebody's house gets hit? Still to this day cannot figure out why you have to get so close to a tornado, Mr Andy Gabrielson almost met his maker yesterday damn lucky he is okay, glad he is okay too. But for anybody that wants to film mother nature shut your mouth and let mother nature be the star and not you and cover up your microphone.

  5. Here's hoping they don't get plagues of locusts, darkness or frogs anytime soon. (There are portions of the country that are far more deserving.)

  6. It is very a nice video. Good footage, honestly. I'm from OK and this guy is a total douche. Seriously. "It's taking out houses!!" Yeehaaa! Douche. Hope nobody died while he's having fun. Sorry to be a downer.

  7. Earthquakes, tornadoes, and Bears oh my… What do we do sit back filming it and laughing all the while as if everything were just ok. America wake up to what is happening all around our nation. Jesus Christ please forgive our nation and it's people.


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