1963 Pontiac Tempest Lemans Convertible for sale auto appraisal Holly Michigan


Oakland County Michigan certified auto appraiser Jason Phillips inspected this vintage 1963 Pontiac for sale in Holly Mi. It’s a solid driver car, with some stable repairs below and a modified bucket seat interior. It has the Pontiac only unique rear transaxle set up with the rope style driveshaft, used from 1961-1963, designed by John DeLorean himself!
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  1. The Tempest was Pontiac's thrifty vehicle, it had the smallest engine of any Pontiac, and thus, the best fuel economy. It's interior appearance also had the most bare bones look of any Pontiac. I've always wondered what kind of auto trans these cars had in them?

  2. Used to have a 63 tempest 4 cyl. The car ran fine, but the suspension was a mess. W had not perfected independent suspension. This and the corvair would wash out on you.

  3. That little Pontiac is a beaut! I really like it, and I like the way it was kept mostly original while at the same time it was brought into the 21st century. The gauges are a considerable improvement over those old '63 components. (How did you know you were doing 70mph without the speedometer working?). The seats came from somewhere (a '90s convertible, maybe?), and with seat belts yet. (With all these crazy drivers these days, you need seat belts, even in a vintage car.). And I love the red paint, and the way the shifter, console, and parking brake have been set up. Very nice. So what if it's not original? It's better when it's updated a little. Good looking car!

  4. That noise is the Johnson rod hitting on the flywheel. If you remove the engine, drop the flywheel, reattach it to the engine, torque it to factory spec, adjust the Johnson rod, replace the engine, should take care of the noise. If it doesn't, then it is something else. I hope that helped.


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