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“C” & “C++” are the two programming languages which are very important. Most of the questions in a technical round of interviews are expected from ” C” Language. Hence it is a must to be thorough with basic concepts of C language. Join this Session and know what are the important concepts from which the questions will be asked in your technical round of interviews.

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  1. There is a lot of confusion in this video.

    1.) Technically there is no difference between a struct and a class besides the default visibility. You can add member-functions to either. In the C++ world you refer to a Class/Struct which has no Functions as POD (Plain Old Datatype) – It is true that often we use structs for those POD, because you do not need to define the visibility to public by Hand, but this is only a convetion and not a technical necessity.

    2.) Usually a method is referring to a concept which in C++ we usually call member-function, which is a function defined on an Object. The way it is called, is dependent on the hardware target, but any useful platform nowdays it is some kind of jump instruction. It has nothing to do with message passing.

    While a message is also a form of invoking behavior it usually has nothing to do with functions or methods directly. Obviously everything is executed in a function in C++. Messages are usually used to invoke behaviour over thread or process boundaries. The message is sent in the form of a datastructure, Queues are prevalent, sometimes also called Mailbox. Messages are usually handled asynchronosly and out of bound.

  2. Thank you for caring to record this video, just note that these questions are for junior developers taking first baby steps into C++.

  3. Pls shorten the video length…20 questions for more than one hour is a wastage of more time…
    The questions were good but please improve the way of answering them..Tell more in short time


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