2019 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 Test Review


Leading up to our test of the 2019 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000, The past two seasons have brought about a number of small, but significant, changes, along with a rival that has been dramatically improved. Have Polaris’ updates been enough to keep the Sportsman competitive? Watch on and find out.

The Sportsman XP 1000 Premium Edition, new for 2019. We selected it since it is the most comparable model to our Limited Edition 2017 test quad, making evaluating updates easier. The Premium Edition features an upgrade from 26” to 27” tires, LED, 3rd brake light, cut and sewn seat cover, and painted plastic like our 2017 LE model. The Premium Edition also features a front bumper and 3,500 HD winch.

The fact that the Sportsman is such a capable worker gives you an extra reason to purchase a machine that most want for its virtually unrivaled fun factor. It should certainly be a top choice for the power hungry rider looking for a comfortable ATV to put on lots of miles.

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  1. basically it restricts the people in the sport. Those who can't afford the new models with all of their electronic addons and highly breakable new features won't be in the sport, limiting the people who stand up for the sport and pay for the parks, etc.

  2. The more goodies, the more it costs to fix…. those older models are so slow, and they don't make coffee for you in the morning 😉

  3. Just watching back on some of these videos. I’m just curious. Why do you guys use so much riding gear? I usually just where my normal clothes with a helmet. Or is it for “safety” reasons 😂

  4. Why did the sportsman lose 1 hp. My 2017 has 91 from the factory. What changes did they make and why. Are they anticipating a newer model that will make 100hp and needed the full 10hp to justify the need for paying that much more for one ?

  5. Guys please review the rarest and possibly fastest atv ever made! It has a better power to weight ration then a quadzilla. It’s a husaberg enforcer 600. I’ve found 2 on these entire planet that are for sale. Maybe there are some in your area?

  6. What happened to the 1000cc Shootout ? Been anxiously waiting for it ? About to make a big purchase here coming up.

  7. Picked the 19 XP premium 1000 up a month ago. Rides like a dream but I just hope it holds up at least decently. For the price there’s no excuse for some of the quality lackings I already see. For the love of ATVs use compressed sealed bushings ! Lol good gosh . I have a 12 brute as well and there’s obvious quality differences. For what the outlander or xp 1ks cost there’s simply no excuse to not be engineered to max quality ……..unless oh wait they want to make money off parts lol.

  8. Love the video! Looking for a review on the sportsman 850 sp premium. The 850 premium seems to have everything the 1000 xp does excluding 12 horsepower and a 3rd brake light. The biggest question i have: is the suspension the same between the 2019 sportsman 850 and xp 1000? Looking for the smoothest ride without having to spend that extra coin. The xp 1000 looks buttery smooth in this video. I know the new xp 1000 s has upgrades to the suspension but wont fit on my trailer being 55 inches wide lol thanks!

  9. Hello i have a predator 500 and i want something i can use for work and play but i dont want to lose the race atv power and speed is this a good atv or should i be looking at something else

  10. has anyone here plowed snow with this? if yes how did it do? plowing snow is one reason why im considering the sportsman 1000


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