2019 SEAT Tarraco SUV Crash Test and Safety Features


SEAT claims that the Tarraco will be a class leader for safety technology, and there’s a long list of crash-mitigation features available. Autonomous emergency braking (AEB, although SEAT prefers the term ‘Front Assist’) joins lane keeping assist and automatic emergency call as standard equipment across the range. Top Xcellence models also get adaptive cruise control.

Additional technology includes blind spot detection, traffic sign recognition and automatic headlamp main beam. The Tarraco also debuts SEAT’s pre-crash assist system. This is claimed to react in 0.2 of a second to prepare occupants for an impact, tightening seatbelts, closing windows and the sunroof, and activating the hazard warning lights to increase safety during and after a crash. There’s a new rollover assist system, too, which will automatically turn the engine off, make an emergency call, unlock the doors and activate the hazard lights if the car should roll over.

Given the significant similarities to the Skoda Kodiaq, which received five stars from Euro NCAP, we expect the Tarraco to score highly when it undergoes crash testing.

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