2019 Volkswagen ARTEON 0-60 Run!!! SE AWD!


Got my hands on the New Arteon! This is an SE trim level with VW’s AWD system known as 4MOTION. This is essentially the base trim Level Arteon with the AWD optioned. Priced at 39K MSRP

Feels decently quick for as large of a car as it is. With a tune and some work this could be a monster. Some videos in Europe have these hitting 180 MPH without much work, but thats not really where this shines. It’s in the suspension and refinement of the drive. Even in the base trim level the car is very smooth, quite, and solid. Feels very Audi like. This is only 2 inches shorter than the Audi A7 and a good 6 or 8 inches longer than the A5 Sportback.

Hope you guys enjoy the Video! I have a quick spirited drive video coming shortly as well in this as well as some more original content and entertainment!

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  1. Ran a 14.0 @ 100mph quarter mile on my stock Arteon R-Line AWD. Here is the acceleration video, for those who are curious about its real performance.

  2. That was around 7 seconds. Not bad at all for a 90° day. Gas it up with 93 gas, and try it on a cold day. You should be able to shave off at least a second.

  3. VW really needs a turbo V6 for this car as an option. Think of all the other sporty/classy sedans on the market that do.


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