2020 Lawn Care Agreement Form! ►THIS Changed EVERYTHING! [Free Download!]


Today we’re going to be sharing some information with you guys that I wish had when I first started my lawn care business, and that is our custom lawn agreement forms! We send these out every spring to our clients and it’s been a critical part to our success for the upcoming season.

One of the most popular questions I get related to how to start a lawn care business is how to get customers and get work for the upcoming season. Well if you guys are anything like me, you’d much rather play offense than defense throughout the year. That’s what these forms have helped me to do and transform my business and have a much better season out of the gates.

Make sure you watch the video all the way through so you can see how we implement this form into a system to get the best results.

If you want to download the editable form, get it here:
Scroll to the bottom of the website for free opt-in!

If you guys also want the commercial lawn care contract form that we send out via email to our commercial customers, you can get that here as well:

Let me know if you guys plan to use this form in your business for 2020, and if you think this will help you to get streamlined and organized for the upcoming season!

Did you guys implement these into your business last year? If so, how did they go, were they well received? Love to hear your guys feedback down in the comments!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for putting up these videos. Questions for you, how did your existing customers who don't use credit card to pay react when you told them they had to convert to auto pay and have a credit card on file? Did you see any adverse reactions? And do you walk away from customers who refuse? Thanks again for your help!

  2. I've used Godaddy "email marketing" and have set up a form and email flyer for the campaign and blast customers every 2 week from March 1st until I'm over booked.

    I also send blast text messages as well. If I was going to send a physical flyer / contract I'd rathee drive to each clients home and deliver flyers to surrounding homes / neighbors. You figure you land just one regular customer it trumps using direct snail mail.

  3. Appreciate the information you put out, thank you for sharing. I Downloaded this along with the language for CCOF but both are blank when i open them??? Not sure if this is just me or something with windows?

  4. Thanks for this informative video and info. #addvalue What mower do you recommend for someone starting a PART TIME small grass cutting business. small simple Florida Lawns lot size 80×125?

  5. In Russia lawn care I used my trimmer Echo SRM-4605 with .120 trimmer round line and blowers Echo PB-770t, PB-250ln. I homeowner.
    Echo 4605 – $700, 770t – $800, 250ln – $300 (!) in Russia.

  6. Hey, Bryan. My name is Joshua. I started a lawn company last year here in Oklahoma with a Craftsman and a Honda push mower. Business is increasing for me (🙌) and I'm looking to make my first zero turn purchase this season. Just wanted to see if you had any advice on which brands you prefer? I mow generally flat terrain, not many hills and majority of the time I'm cutting fescue or Bermuda. I've got a budget at 4000.00. I really appreciate your content and I've drawn a lot of wisdom from your experience. Any help is much appreciated!

  7. This has nothing to do with the contracts, but it’s the newest video that I would think you would see this comment Brian!. So question I can’t find the answer anywhere. I have a redmax ebz7001 hip throttle is there a way I can swap it to tube throttle? Or if anyone knows if your able to and what to buy to swap i would be so happy!

  8. How do you deal with getting paid on time, especially when doing landscape work? I have been contemplating on only accepting financing with PayPal when it comes to doing landscaping work. Because usually what ends up happening during the spring,summer and fall months, I'm strapped for cash and waiting on people to pay me back at least part of there balance off. So then I have to put this on my credit card, causing me to always have a balance and interest charges on there eating away at my profits. Let me know what you do differently that will be greatly appreciated. Thank You

  9. Brilliant. Great vid Bryan. This is what I need. Have you ever thought about emailing your customers these instead of mailing? Might be an even more efficient way, or maybe mailing is better. I'm not sure. I am always trying to improve. Either way, this is gold man. I have been in the same boat where we kind of go into the season without truly knowing what the year would look like. That puts a pit in my stomach. This takes all that nervousness and stress away. I am implementing this effective immediately. Thanks for sharing. Keep rockin it


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