3 More Ways to Decorate Cupcakes – Wilton 104, 352, 233 Tips


Here are 3 more of the tips I like to use to decorate cupcakes and cakes. They’re lots of fun to use, so play around and be creative with your designs!

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  1. Than you so very much. this is the best explanation and demonstration I have seen. Now I am going to go have a play and try myself.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the beginning of the video showing me how to use that peice. (I had NO IDEA what it was for)

  3. FYI couplers are not used for smaller tips only. They are used for interchanging tips if you want to use the same color but not the same tip. I.E. You have a red buttercream and are using a large coupler with a 1M and want to change to a 2D, you unscrew and do the original steps. You can do the same process with the smaller tips or other attachments.


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