5 must-have Windows Utilities


If you use a Windows laptop, there’s a lot you can do to customize your experience and make it better. Tom Warren joins Dieter to talk about the best Windows utilities for searching, managing Windows, and clipboard history.

Links to all utilities (plus two bonus that were cut for time in the video) are here:


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  1. Could this guy be like less interested in sharing the windows info? That guy on skype? Jesus christ mate, get a coffee or something.

  2. Great video, thank you. My favority is Ditto. I use something similar on the mac named noclip which ditto fills in that spot in windows.

  3. I couldn't agree more about the pushiness towards the Microsoft Ecosystem. In the end, I think Microsoft will only push me to Linux.

  4. Hey you might want to look at my application PantherBar on the Windows 10 Store. Its a mobile like "text-selected popup" with tons of quick actions. Like PopClip on macOS.

  5. As a graphic designer I use Snipaste: Snipping tool, plus color picker, like "Sip" on Mac. And QuickLook: Preview any files, including .ai and .psd files, with just the press of spacebar, like preview on Mac. I recently switched to Windows so I was looking for MacOS features on Windows.

  6. nice video. ,also Windows should have a feature to change folders as easily as FolderChanger. Google "FolderChanger", works great

  7. I abuse of TouchMeGesture studio, allows you to for example close everything like on the iPad closing your five fingers on the screen, or twirling them clockwise to higher the brightness and anti-clockwise to lower it, three fingers to move the window you are touching without grabbing the upper bar…. best 3.50€ ever spent on an app, now my surface works better than my iPad without need for the "tablet mode"

  8. I use 'image resizer for windows' like crazy. Best way to quickly resize media for uploading to social media, websites, etc. Sits in your right click menu and is incredibly fast.

  9. Gotta rice that Windows

    to rice is a slang for customizing both in terms of functionality and look (mostly among tiling window manager users). It is not a common term because Windows OS doesn't let users replace window manager. I believe many people who happen to read this doesn't even know what "window manager" means, do you?


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