here are a few of my biggest mistaaaaaakes…
so uh you don’t gotta repeat em.
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  1. i'm so stressed, there is an exam to art school and i was gonna practice but now is corona time and all i have is youtube videos and some pencils, coal and very few paints.

  2. I need to start saving up my money for actual quality are supplies 😭 I can’t keep using school pencils and refill pads for drawings, and my finger for digital art.

  3. Which art school did you go to? That im really curious because I'm in highschool and I'm looking for some suggestions.

  4. I am surprised you didn't see the importance of learning about how color works or about various painting techniques by using hands-on materials like paint. I have a degree in graphic design that I used for about a decade in the field and then began my career as a secondary art educator. I found that learning the fundamentals like how to draw, how to set type, and how to burn and dodge while developing black and white photographs, gave me quite a big advantage over those who strictly used digital media.

  5. I think I have a fEaR of talking to teachers-
    Because mah old teacher always respected every question no matter which topic but when I asked she would just scream at me how dumb I am or that I will never make it through school and that stuff..

    And all I asked was if I could drink some water ;-;

  6. Ah, i saw this video, and went 'this is gana help me prepare for art highschool!' Im still scared though skxndksfbsjs ;w;

  7. I want to go to art school buut..

    1. I also kinda wanna be vet! I don't know what to choose..
    2. My parents wouldn't accept this.. They love my hobby, but they think this school won't help me..
    3. I have lived in England for 6 years.. But I'm Polish, I'm in Poland again (forever I hope) and my parents think I should be a translater, because I'm good at English and Polish!
    4. Some people think it's a waste of money, like in number 2, it won't be "useful" in my later life.. It will just give me random experience..
    5. Nobody is supporting me.. My parents, as I said, they love my hobby, that I've had for like 5 years now (I'm 11 years old) I just don't know what path to go down.. Any suggestions?
    Edit: Thanks for 1 like!! Wait.. Why is it blue..?

  8. I didn’t get into an art school but my university has a really good art program and section of the university 😍 I’m actually really happy I ended up where I did, all the things you talk about I completely relate to 100%! I’m definitely gonna talk to my teacher more now because I have really cool teacher this semester 😄

  9. Hi lavendertowne I love your art style and I’m so inspired by it so I’m going to keep on going.You are my favorite artist so keep on going


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