6 Vegetable Puree for 6 Months Baby | Stage 1 Homemade Baby Food Recipes | Baby Food for 6-12 months


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Adjustable Steamer with handle:
Mixer/Grinder/Blender: (Bella):
Cuisineart Hand Blender:

Here is the list of veg purees shown in this video:

1.Carrot Puree
2.Potato Puree
3.Butternut Squash Puree
4.BeetRoot Puree
5.Green Peas/Sweet Peas
6.Sweet Potato Puree

How much to feed: Start with 2 or 3 tea spoons and increase as your baby likes it

What time is Best: Mid morning is best because vegetables take time to digest.

Ingredients: The main vegetable is the ingredient and explained in Video

1)For babies less than 1 year old, use sterilized water, Formula milk or Breast milk to puree the veggies
2)Cook /Steam all vegetables thoroughly
3)Mash/Blend very well to avoid clumps and choking hazard
4) All of these foods are okay for 6+ months until 1 year baby
5) You need to introduce each food 3 days in a row in small quantities

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  1. Hi its soo helpful thank you…can you tell me wher i wll get that folding thing wich is used for steaming pls let me know

  2. I use to make my babygirl her purees I'd freeze in ice cube trays covered and when it was time for eating I'd pop one or two depending what else I was serving her in the microwave and taadaa. She loved her food. Literally though she was, a tortilla and beans, pasta, omg she loves pasta, meatball eating baby lol. She loved her meatballs with speghetti. Yummy! Yummy yummy! My baby💗

  3. Hii mra bby 1yr ka h abtk sirf vo dal or cerelack hi khta h vo b ro ro k muh m khilna pdta h jbrn kuch b apne mn s ni khta…aisa kyu ..


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