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  1. TECHNOLOGY IS THE BEST,Now I See Why We Kids Like It Idc If It's Too Crazy I'll Love It Even A 2060 Space Yet Fighter

  2. When did technological advancement. Go from helping people to do the impossible. Or help humans do things better and smarter.

    To now purely trying to avod. Any semblance of human interaction and labor.

    As if removing any unwanted task from people's lives. Will help society in any way.

    Now we just allow every shred of personal action and data to be logged and sold. Just to not have to tie a garbage bag.

    The never ending list of settings, connections and incorrect voice commands. Are a much, much bigger inconvenience. Than turning on a lamp, locking a door and tying a garbage bag.

    Science and tech should go back to advancing. Instead of intruding.

  3. I swear I saw the august smart lock in 2019 in real life, and not online retail.
    Maybe it's another lock that looks like it?
    I don't know. I just like it.

  4. What about a touch monitor blackboard in schools.You can do lines etc with the pen and erase.Or a tablet that can be used as school books or notebooks.So the students will just bring the tablet in a holder to school.

  5. "Smart Lock" is just hilarious. Absolutely no utility in unlocking your front door remotely, but the CIA and others would really appreciate unfettered access to your home so please buy now!

  6. I would be very uncomfortable having a mirror that connects to the internet and contains that many apps. Some pervert is bound to hack it or something. No thank you!

  7. "Meet the real robot Robby. Don't feel like going outside and enjoy life? No problem, Robby will do it for you. Don't feel like having fun? No problem, Robby will do it for you." LOL

  8. smart mirror? I wonder who will look at you naked apart from your mirror… Also after OREO update, Samsung ruined internet connectivity on S7 and S8 phones, I presume deliberately so people will go and buy new SAMSUNGSHIT. I've had to get rid of my perfectly good S7 for that reason and will never buy Samsung products ever again.

  9. A smart jacket that can reach 50°C ! Why? Do the Engineers have any idea how hot 32°C is? If not, maybe they should live here for a few months. Australia.

  10. All of this has an even greater backfiring capability if a robber knows what they are doing. and I'm also proud to say a new age for the porn industry has been discovered in smart mirrors. That's a plus I mean no more cameras and knowing where to place em. U can just fuck knowing ur gonna get easy money. I mean they do have to fix the camera sometimes when doing their thang so. Thats probs the only gud thing about that mirror just dont check the history searches on that bih.

  11. Heated jacket: $175, more like $231 Dollars…Really?
    At least the babe modeling it has an awesome ass.
    Sitpack Zen X chair… that ass will be sore after 30 minutes guaranteed.
    Headband: guy playing guitar took it off, he was getting a headache…lol
    Garbage can that you need to load anyway the smelly opening of the lid and pushing in the trash will need those
    trash bag preps to cost you way more than the one two three tie it up pull it out method.
    Marketing, what a science to get into your mind and make you think you need this crap.


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