A HUGE Opportunity MOST Real Estate Agents Don't Know About


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Here is a huge opportunity most real estate agents don’t know about…

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  1. Great video! I really want to learn more about real estate so I can diversify outside of the stock market in the future. Keep up the great work! I look forward to your future content.

  2. Become an expert in your field. I’ve been cold calling for 50 Days now and it’s been A PROCESS. But over time… Confidence, certainty, assertiveness and being assumptive has Been developed as a lifestyle for me now. This is only the beginning

  3. December is bottom 3 in my area. February is even lower. January is the lowest. Top 3 was August, June, and May in that order. People are still buying all year round though so no reason to stop prospecting.

  4. 18 years old and scheduled my test for next month . I’m excited to see what I can achieve and your videos really help out thanks for the advice Bryan! Shout out from Milton Freewater, Oregon

  5. Hi Bryan , can you talk about vacations and time off for real estate agents ? I am running from corporate to real estate for work life balance . Do realtors take vacations off ? How often and how many days a week does a top producer work ? What I am asking is does a top producer have a life . This is a genuine concern of mine .

  6. I sell social media and email marketing at my job to real estate agents and this was great information for me to learn. This is the BEST time to nurture and build relationships, especially while the competition sleeps. You made such a good point, man. PS…Looked you up on our Salesforce.. We've cold called you before:). Haha.

  7. I had my first meeting with Keller Williams today and have to say I am completely stoked to complete my course and begin my business with KW. I cannot wait to see what I can achieve.

  8. What do clients lose (if anything) if they try their luck by putting their houses for sale during the holidays Or try to buy? if they don’t lose, then that’s a good line to tell the hesitant seller/buyer but idk that’s why I’m asking..


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