Adventure Creator: Creating a 2D game tutorial


New to Adventure Creator? This tutorial covers the essentials needed to get you on your way to making a 2D adventure game.

This video is a remake of an older tutorial – it covers the same topics before, but updated to reflect changes in both AC and Unity since.

Find more tutorials on the Adventure Creator website:

0:00 – Introduction
2:41 – The New Game Wizard
6:35 – A new 2D scene
13:07 – Creating a Player
25:26 – The default camera
29:12 – Parallax 2D effects
30:29 – Hotspots and Interactions
43:31 – An opening cutscene
46:37 – Game-wide settings
48:03 – Creating an NPC
53:07 – Conversations
59:46 – Inventory items
1:07:08 – Inventory interactions
1:14:03 – Adding logic
1:18:59 – Customising the UI
1:24:06 – Saving and Loading
1:27:08 – Character shadows


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  1. 19:44 – With AC v1.66, the "Multiple directions?" and "Diagonal sprites?" checkboxes have been merged into a single "Sprite directions" popup field – set this to "Eight" when following the tutorial with this version or later.

  2. Can I make this without the walking sprite as the main character? I wanted to make a 2D point and click that’s just in first person. Has anything else changed with how unity is updated now? Also having trouble figuring out how to make separate areas, like you click on an arrow that leads you to the next room for example. Thank you so much! This video is amazing!

  3. Hi chris, I really wanna buy the AC for unity, I just love it 🙂 but I've heard that from time to time, its price drops to 39$. I was wondering if there is going to be a discount on AC soon, because I only do this as an hobbie, and I live in a small and rather poor country… :(… thanks 🙂

  4. First off, I love this engine!! It's amazing. I am making a point and click 2d game, and I am getting an error when I try to add more than one character to the scene. "Cannot play animation clip idle (layer 0) on character." I am new to programming, I'm hoping I am just making a typical error. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I'm trying to follow along with this. I click "create" next to default NavMesh, but the pentagon doesn't appear. The gismo to move it around does but not the pentagon. What do I need to do? The pathfinding method is set to Polygon Collider. I'm using Unity 2019.3.0a6 and the latest version of AC that I downloaded from the asset store.

  6. Video tutorials like this are giving me hope in the long run to finally make the game I've always wanted to make. Thank you for putting this together!

  7. Quick reference Bookmarks for more specific stuff in the video. Hope it's helpful!

    Import Adventure Creator 0:55
    Creating a New Game's Manager Files 02:40
    Dragging in Set Geometry 07:00
    Creating Player Nav Mesh 09:00
    Creating a Player 13:06
    Convert Sprite to Character using Character Wizard 13:40
    Make Character Prefab 15:06
    Make AC Recognise Prefab as Main Player 15:16
    Setup Animation of Character 16:30
    Using Sorting Maps to Dynamically change a Sprites Ordering Layer 20:12
    Edit Player Movement Settings 24:30
    The Default Camera (Make Camera Zoom and Follow Player) 25:26
    HotSpots and Interactions 30:29
    Introduction to Action Lists (Dialogue: Play Speech Example) 32:50
    Walk Player to Marker 36:32
    Small Camera Cutscene 37:56
    Unhandled Interactions 41:37
    An Opening Cutscene 43:31
    Using Teleportation and Markers 44:10
    More in-depth Look at Character Inspector Window 49:59
    Conversation and Dialogue 54:04
    Inventory Items 59:45
    Run Actions in Parallel (Triggering Action at Certain Point in Animation) 1:02:08
    Add Item to Inventory 1:05:54
    Changing Inventory Item Click-type Interface 1:08:33
    Adding Logic (Variables) 1:14:03
    Customising the UI (Changing the Subtitles Menu) 1:18:59
    Saving and Loading (and Building) 1:24:06
    Using the Remember* Components and the Auto-add Save Components Button 1:24:25
    Character Shadow 1:27:08

  8. I repeated all of the tutorial and took notes. One thing that is confusing me at this moment, is the camera aspect ratio. I set the aspect ratio in AC game Editor to 1:78, and the size of the camera to 3.3. There's always these black bars on the sides of the screen that you don't have. Is this normal? It seems like everything is seen, but I am not sure. I don't understand. Help? When I enlarge the NAV cam before Game mode to make it fit the screen window, it looks ok, but when I click game mode, it's very far away from the screen, and there's a lot more blue, and a black bar on the side. And now it seems like this didn't happen when I went back. Like the camera did see all before.

  9. On the Navigation Mesh (Script) I have "Create new hole" but I don't have "Number of holes" Why is that? Seems to work without number of holes

  10. Our former AGS developer let us down half-way through and for some time we thought it was just game-over for our project. It was thanks to AC that we were able to salvage our game project from the dead. The game is now fully completed and being rigorously tested to hunt bugs. Amazing, amazing plugin!

  11. I have made my own animations in unity (With the right name, to be found under "expected animations), but when i drag them into my player controller, the "list of expected animations" doesn't find my animations?? what to do??

  12. I just paid the Adventure Creator and i'm following the tutorial. It's very well explained. I'm a French speaker, but I understand very well your explanation. Thank you.

  13. Thanks so much for making this video! I was well on my way to using Ren'Py and being intimidated by Unity, but all it took was watching this video to convince me that Adventure Creator was a better fit for what I wanted to do.

  14. I don't really get what I am doing wrong. I have been doing the start of the tutorial twice now, following step by step very closely, but I can't get the main character to spawn to the PlayerStart. It always jumps somewhere else (usually behind the tree) and when you try to move the character, it randomly goes to speed running mode and doesn't stay in default Navmesh. Can it be, because I'm using the latest version of Unity (2018.2.14f1) or am I really missing some important step?

  15. 9:37 – Following along exactly with this video but there's no default Navmesh anywhere in my file? Didn't even give me an option to create one.

  16. I bought AC like a Year ago and I was just planning and making all the pre-production. I'm now following all these videos and I must say, man, this is the best Unity Asset ever created. Keep up this amazing work!! Thanks!!


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