Aerial Drone Footage at Harrisburg International Airport, Pennsylvania in 4K (FAA approved & legal)


Airports and drones usually don’t mix. However, we were contacted by Harrisburg International Airport and asked if we could fly our drone at the airport to provide them with footage and photos for their marketing department.

Not surprisingly, the FAA’s approval process to fly at an international airport is extremely complicated. After weeks of paperwork involving the FAA in Atlanta, the local air traffic control tower, and advocacy by local airport management, we received the required FAA waivers and authorizations (which then allowed the drone manufacturer to provide us with codes to override the hardware to fly in a no-fly zone). During the flights, we were escorted by airport operations personnel who stayed in constant radio contact with the tower to ensure the safety of everyone. Watch the final scene after the credits to see the team who made this happen.


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  1. Beautiful imagery. I'm surprised they allowed you to shoot video, but I'm certainly glad they did. I driven by the airport for years and never flown out or arrived. Thank you. It looks beautiful there.


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