Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Bringing Moral Courage to American Politics | The Daily Show


Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explains how democratic socialism can help America and doubles down on her commitment to refuse corporate political donations.

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  1. There is no mystery in free medical care and free college. Michael Moore made a movie on him following around people in other countries who had free medical care and free college… there's no mystery in it at all

  2. Imagine school and college being a matter of whoever is the best, rather than "Whoever could afford it"

    Imagine having the BEST people in the country researching a cure for cancer

    If you were dying, you'd want the BEST person treating you. You wouldn't care if they grew up poor, because they have the BEST skills in the country.

    This applies to so many other sectors

    Free education can improve the lives of us all

  3. See nobody is stopping you to be rich. But super rich like multi millionaire and billionaire need to do something for the country. You are doing super okay and you will be okay. But a little portion of your wealth will make middle class and poor people so much better! They can actually live a decent life that everyone has right to.

  4. US Population in 2018: ~327,000,000
    Ocasio-Cortez: "200,000,000 Americans make less than 20,000/year, that's 40% of this country" Umm… No… 200million would be closer to 61%, and I dunno where she's getting her numbers, but the actual number is less than 30 million Americans make less than 20,000/year. There aren't even 200 million Americans in the workforce, only about 155million people make up the workforce of the US. So where on earth is she getting her numbers from? The only way I can see this happening is if you're including children, who don't work, which shouldn't be included in this number, and even if that was the case, it still wouldn't be anywhere near 200million as there are only 80million people below the age of 19 in this country. So even counting kids, 80+30 = 110, which means she's doubling her figures?

  5. 4:46
    200million is 40% of American population? If thats true then there are 10/4 x 200 = 500million for total population of America, which is so wrong… how can people so happily trust and support this woman who does not know basic Math?

  6. Norway and Denmark NEVER has been socialists. That´s a notion spread by FOX news since Bernie Sanders pointed to Scandinavia especially Denmarks healthcare system for something for US to strive for. Norway and Denmark has marketbased economies! Norway and Denmark has welfare systems and taxpaid healthcare, education and unemployment support for all. It has been a base for their societies more or less since WW2. All the Scandinavian countries incl. Finland´s workers have 5-6 weeks of fully paid holiday. Just for the Americans reading this…All above serviceses include ALL workers also the waiter and busdriver. Our doctors have PATIENTS, not clients and have NO incentive to se us again and again. ONLY 2 things in our healthcare systems that are not 100% taxpaid are dental serviceses where you pay around 50% and prescription meds where you pay a part yourself up to around 700 Dollars per year where-after it basically are free. The notion of comparing a kleptocracy as Venezuela, one of the most corrupt countries on earth with any Scandinavian country, that consistently since WW2 has been in the very top of non-corrupt countries are ridiculous. The Scandinavian countries have very active democracies and have consistently had some of the highest voter turn out´s you can find. All the Scandinavian countries have full voter rights for all from year 18. 1 man 1 vote. NO voter suppression, no electoral colleges but multi party parlaments where you typically can gain acces from a voter approval percentage around 3-4 %. I can recommend it, you sleep SO well at night knowing that no one in your country goes hungry or homeless to bed when you yourself close your eyes for the night. The Scandinavian countries rank higher in OECD´s rank of "Business friendly countries" AND produce more millionaires per 1 million population than USA. SO, dear Americans, think very hard over whom it is that try to constantly tell you "you are the greatest country" when others prove that healthcare for all, free education CAN be the base for a market based economy. It doesn't REALLY matter HOW much of your wages you pay in tax, what REALLY matters are WHAT you get for your taxes AND the buying power AFTER tax. I personally find that it very hard to call a country where 60-80 million out of a population of 325 actually votes a true democracy. (Edit added 10th of April 2020) 25 million illegals and 27 unsecured and soon more with the unemployed as consequence of Covid-19 its practically impossible to eradicate an epidemic, it its some´s wallet that decides whether they seek help some wont and they eventually will keep the virus´s ability to find hosts alive. What does it take for you to understand that a modern society takes care of its citizens, nothing socialistic about it, just common sense! PLEASE Americans, help your friend or neighbor that never votes NOW so they CAN vote at next election.

  7. Thank you for your honesty ans passion you bring to politics i dont vote on party i vote and respect politicians for their actions and proven beliefs u go girl

  8. We need more people like her in Congress in government in general she has a lot of passion i said it before and I said again I see the presidency in the future, with her moral values her believes her passion she will get there I would vote for her

  9. Aye get Rep Ocasio-Cortez on the phone during the Social Distancing Show!! It would be great to hear her input now!

  10. HOw do you pay it?? How do we ALREADY for it??? A printing machine…waaalaa. It works believe me.. everyone believes it's real money. It already is paying for everything else. PALEASE.

  11. If we all can pay taxes to support roads, bridges, a military in 80 bases all over the world, a congress, a president, NASA, and pay taxes for our kids to go to school from grade K-12…then we CAN pay taxes and allow ALL people to have healthcare. If people don't think that society isn't already socialistic.. it already primarily is. The only thing that is capitalistic is how we do business and price gouge people. It's time that we regulate capitalism.. because you can't be having 35% of the earth's population not even being able to wash their hands.. manifesting disease's that affect ALL of us.. and then have NO healthcare for the working class. It's fucking wrong…

  12. So who specifically is affected by the tax? Like specific people and professions. What kind of changes would works see because of this specific tax? Would cashier see a few extra bucks? Would a restraunt owner have to pay employees less? Would some one as high up as a chief executive have a problem with this or could the make due? I'd like to know everything.

  13. in America, all the work, costs and suffering is already socialized, it's only the wealth which is privatized and concentrated. evil system

  14. California gas is more expensive because we pay a carbon tax and our gas is more highly refined to reduce polution.


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