Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Campaign Volunteers Try Her Skincare and Beauty Routine | Teen Vogue


Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared her skincare and beauty routine on social media. Sit with four young Latinx campaign volunteers from her congressional district in the Bronx and Queens as they try her detailed instructions and talk about AOC’s impact in their lives.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Campaign Volunteers Try Her Skincare and Beauty Routine | Teen Vogue


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  1. You’re gullible you believe everything she says just because she’s Latino her ignorance about politics will take her down and she’ll take you down with her

  2. Confused. This song was made by Republican forces on they're way to preserve the Union & free the slaves. The opposition was the Democratic party & it's Confederate armed forces…….Now it's Democrats who wear the Blue! And the Grey men sing Republican songs for Trump!..History is a freaky thing kiddies!

  3. Haha…so many haters in this comment section. AOC is authentic, intelligent and inspiring, which makes her an outstanding role model for young women. Thank you Teen Vogue for this practical video on skin care.

  4. I guess it's not a joke.oh my god.i feel like my i.q.dropped 60 points.this is how idiotic you really are? Your this simple? Basic? Do you know anything about anything?your an embarrassment to yourselves

  5. AOC Is common sense that’s the pulse of American majority . Stop hating 👏👏👏Americans are so brainwashed abt their political economy . I’m so glad teen vogue is covering real issues . Total pulse of the nation . We live in a corporate control political system and totally establishment media that serve those same corporations . We are heading toward a fascist society with trump . People need to understand how political economy works .


  6. Girls and women aren't made for the problems of the world and social media, it's too much for them, they go crazy and delusional.

  7. Be careful, you may start experiencing feelings of stupidity, disorganization, and neglect of common sense. You may start spending others money on projects that make no common sense. You May experience moments of euphoria that allow you to believe you’re the boss of everyone.

    How incredibly pathetic that her party has promoted this video using young impressionable minds, more than likely to gain approval and to rebuild Cortez failing popularity. So they’re pursuing “the high school popularity” supporters.

  8. literally drink water and wear no makeup and your skin will lookgreat, imperfections are better than rashes caused by foundation :'(

  9. So inspiring to see young political activists and this is real self care that many people don't take the time or know how to do. Thanks ladies for sharing and for all you did to help AOC get elected! 🙂

  10. The girl that was glad that ocasio-cortez looks like the people that she represents is exactly the type of f**** idiot that shouldn't vote

  11. This is part of a massive marketing campaign by AOCs PR team geared towards young girls and millennials that can vote by 2024.

  12. AOC beauty care products side effects:
    -May cause a significant drops of IQ levels
    -You may experience delusions and/or feelings of living in lala land.
    -Seek immediate medical attention if you suddenly feel the urge to back the green new deal or feel that you can not have children because the world is going to end in 10 years.


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