Are Video Games a Sport? | The New York Times


A look at e-sports, the fast-growing, lucrative world of professional competitive video gaming.

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Are Video Games a Sport?


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  1. I don't see gaming as a sport. Before people bring up Chess, or anything else that doesn't require physical fitness, I don't consider those sports either. If there's no blood, sweat, and tears, it's not a sport.

  2. You can go outside and play football with your friends and call that a sport without it being competitive. You can’t do that with video games.

  3. Gamers are athletes: That means that a 400 pound dude who doesn't take care of himself and needs help spongebathing.. but is really really good at League of Legends can be along the same names as Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Babe Ruth, Wayne Gretzky, Serena Williams, Willie Mays, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Magic Johnson and Bo Jackson…. let that sink in for a few moments….

  4. For centuries sports have required skill and endurance practice helps with getting better but you still need physical strength, in most sports chess is considered a sport ,yes because it requires intelligence from practice I’m a gamer but I know I can barely burn a calorie by trying at games (and yes I play competitively) even if I consider gaming a sport the term esport has the e for electronic and electronics are made to make life better / easier and I’m not butthurt like half of you eight year olds in the comments saying it’s considered a sport

    To that I shall say and resume my speech and no I will not preach for you need to get on the Xbox and play a game until you have a six pack giant biceps or any common sense and knowledge to know they effort put into real sports

    I’m a gamer and I know that it’s not hard to get the hang of and get good

  5. If you think hand cramps,and eye-caused-diziness physical exertion then you have never ran suicides or properties in your entire life.

  6. Most of the people here who are negative about gaming has no idea what actual "esports" is.

    I teach at a High School, coach a basketball team there and also played Starcraft II as a country rep back few years ago so I know both worlds (well with Basketball, not even close to pro level but I respect and know how much hard work is needed to become good at the traditional sports).

    People who think computer games are easy or only have negative things to say has fixed mindset of what gaming is like: pressing buttons fast, maybe reacting a little quick and just using muscle memory of fingers. Also they only focus on the negative impacts of it such as promoting violence, unhealthy life and etc. You are NOT open minded and come with this fixed mind in your brain when it comes to debates related to gaming.

    You gotta realise that there are so many research done on the good sides of gaming such as crisis management skills (US Army used Starcraft for crisis management practice I believe), strategising and problem solving skills, and obviously the social aspects of it where young people can connect and have fun together. Don't tell me that they should be going outside to socialise ALL THE TIME. This can't happen all the time as a result of various factors (e.g. you can't expect kids to be out at 8~9pm kicking or shooting a ball due to darkness).

    Obviously they should have a BALANCED life but socialising over their headphones playing games is perfectly fine way to socialise. The parents who say you need to come out of your room to socialise, what's your idea of socialising? gathering around a TV in the living room not saying a word to each other? I've got to meet these "online friends" after competing online back few years ago, and it was awesome way of making new friends. I still keep in touch with these guys and we are still very good friends till this day.

    In terms of violence, we know of many cases where traditional sports atheletes and musicians commit crimes related to violence. How come these aren't pointed out in a way that sports/music has negative impact on these people like how the media blames everything on gaming? It's easy to blame everything on gaming as it's something you don't understand and don't WANT to understand.

    Now with the skill part, you are delusional if you think gaming only requires clicking and pressing buttons and only relying on muscle memory. I've seen in the comments how chess is harder than esports. Have you actually played an esports game? Have you seen a pro player analyse the game or talk about their practice session? You just have no idea about this field hence you make ignorant comments. If I say "how hard would becoming a pro at basketball be? you just need to be big and throw a ball around", I'd get hated right? and I'd deserve it. Same thing goes for gaming. If you have NO idea about it and still think esports is something like tetris and pacman, please do some research before saying anything. The "physicality" required to play competitive esports definitely exists. The physicality side can be on par with sports like "dart", "shooting" or even "golf"! there is a HUGE intelligence involved, mind game, reaction time obviously, and THEN there is practice. Professional gamers talk about "talent" a lot. You definitely need talent to be good at certain games that are considered esports.

    This is coming from a High School teacher who has been in both worlds – training school's top atheletes and also was a pro at an esport.

    Open your mind. Don't be the people in this generation who gets proven wrong in the future and go down as dumb critics in history.

    I wrote that fast and with emotions so some may not make sense grammatically so please forgive me. I'm not trying to say people who don't understand gaming are dumb/no brain. I'm just trying to say they are being ignorant and have a very fixed mind. If you are going to reply here with criticism, let's do it in a mature manner.

    I look forward to any replies you are about to write here.

  7. According to the dictionary for something to be a sport physical exertion is required. If video games are a sport so is poker to candy land and everything in between.

  8. They are called "Esports".Nit athletic sports but a different type of sport.No one in the world has said sports are just athletic stuff.

  9. I love gaming but i don't consider it a sport neither do I consider chess or poker a sport. Sports require physical fitness, strength, athleticism, etc. Gaming has nothing to do with that, its competive but not a sport


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