Art Words Every Artist Needs To Know


These words are the bread and butter of every artist’s vocabulary. Not only will knowing the words make you a better critique-er–they’ll make you a better artist! Let us know in the comments if you found this video helpful, or would like a Part 2!

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  1. Guh, I wish I could've chucked this video at my college classmates 15 years ago. I learned this in highschool because my art teacher was super amazing, but I was horrified to learn that critique lessons had not been the norm in everyone else's education once I got to college. Being a good artist doesn't automatically make you good at critiquing it.

  2. This is probably gonna get lost in the comments but im still gonna tell this story since i cant really tell anyone else:
    I've never been the most artsy person, i tried a lot growing up but it just never happened, my family told me it wasn't a worthwhile skill, it wouldn't make money etc etc, kids at school told me i was bad at drawing, same with my friends, even art teachers, i eventually gave up through high school.
    I'm 24 now and im trying again to learn how to sketch/draw, and nothings really helped until i started watching subjectively and their videos about finding art styles, and making your own characters, and designing Pokemon and other video game characters, they've also helped me realize that i can do whatever i want art wise and i am a creative person, and i can find my own way of expressing it no matter how bad i am now that i can only get better, i know ill get there someday.

  3. My favorite "art word" is Verisimilitude, its the appearance of being true or believable. Not so much hyper-realism, but that your objects and world belong together.

  4. I really don't wanna be "that guy", and I'm truly not trying to be annoying but I think your statement at 3:38 is flawed
    Especially for a channel called subjectively, and for a video called art vocabulary I think it's important to note that "objective quality, objectively good/bad" does not actually exist.
    Since wether or not you like something is always subjective, "objective quality" is just consensus.
    I think it's also very contradicting to what you said later that there's no wrong way to do art
    Still great and informative video! I think it's definitely useful for people new to art and it's something not many people talk about

  5. You forgot color.
    How am I supposed to know such jargon if you don't tell me?

    SMH, Terrible Video
    (JK, comment section please don't burn me at a stake)

  6. also contrast can be shape and or size not just color…I recommend making a video about principles (maybe using people's art that is sent in as an example of each😉)

  7. I really hope this is seen by more people , definitely something I needed to see today. Thank you for making this. Truly.

  8. Super helpful! Helps as a list of things to use in a critique as well as things to remember to think about when creating your work!

  9. The last point is so important! I cant tell you all how many times I got unprompted and awful “critiques” (read as: criticisms) while I was still learning. Its a big reason why I personally left DeviantArt all together. Saying things like ‘your humans look like apes’ or ‘this is the wost thing ive had the displeasure of seeing’ arent critiques in the slightest. Be nice to eachother we’re all still learning!

  10. I've never seen a video about art vocabulary before, and I haven't thought about it before now, but now that I have it definitely seems like it'd be really useful. Really neat video idea!


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