Let’s talk about how to navigate around how intimidating art sites like Artstation are, and how you can navigate around it and use it to your ADVANTAGE!



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  1. I often do very detailed visuals, and as you described it with the amazing ZDZISLAW BEKSINSKI , I take my time for this. Sometimes I let my CG paintings "rest" for few months, and get back later. Sometimes I even mix few parts of differents projects togethers. It help, and prevent of over saturation.

  2. I used to listening to Atrium Carceri or other Dark Ambients or epic music, sometimes metal, but I can't watch documentaries, because everytime I start to concentrate I forget what the narrator say and it's a big chaos in my head like what did you just say mate? xDD

  3. Thanks Adam needed this video especially as a beginner it can be hard not to be scared of these sites and the expectations of will I ever be halfway good at art

  4. Art station doesn't demotivate me but inspires me to see what I want to be able to do one day. But it's intimidating to post there. I just started now cuz I became an adult and I feel I'm at a level that's acceptable for me to. Anyway that you said about productivity, I hadn't thought about it like that. But I definetely have my own way of being so. But I'm hard on myself cuz I always feel like I'm not producing enough, being hardworking enough. Sometimes I spend 12h on a row on a piece, here and there I can't draw anything decent for a week or just don't draw at all for 4 days. Sometimes it's 2 weeks I'm putting out good work everyday. But I've hardly gotten myself to do a lot of studies and practice on a day as I'd like. Either way I'm improving a lot and there's a massive difference between my work 2-3 years ago as a beginner and now so my way must be working out and I shouldn't be so harsh and demanding. I'm planning on making my way into the industry and an illustrator, character designer and background/environment artist in 3 years so I shall work hard. Thanks for your videos. I love to draw while I listen to them and they always bring the best out of me^^

  5. You are an amazing person, I love the way you tackle art and life in general, it just resonates with me! Thank you!!

  6. Hi, Adam. I've been watching your videos since the beginning of this year, and your words always inspired me. I used to think that I wasn't qualified to claim myself as an artist, because I'm just not good enough like those art-station guys, thus diminished myself of being not talented and slow and lazy…even though I have an MFA degree and have been working in creative field for years. But in your video I found the relief and realized there are many artist not like them. Now I feel, instead of being scared by others' awesomeness all the time, it's REALLY possible to find my own way that actually help me to grow. Thank you so much, Adam!!

  7. This hit home. Thank you so much. I wanted to make an account there but became so intimidated by the images on the front page. Almost like there was this one hyper-realistic style that people were all trying to strive towards.

  8. Hey Adam, thanks for the video, for a long time I feel scared of artstation because I feel overwhelmed seeing those 3d realistic art (I might be wrong though)


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