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Actors : Murali Mohan, Saritha ,Shavukaru Janaki,Nutan Prasad,Jayavijaya,Subhashini
Director : Raja Chandra
Producer : Daggubati Bhaskar Rao
Release Date : 1981

Story :
Janakamma (Shavukaru Janaki) is the single parent who loves her son Prabhakar (Murali Mohan) very much. Prabhakar respects his mother to such an extent that he doesn’t do anything without her prior permission. Prabhakar falls in love with Chitra (Saritha) a very fiery girl. She always acts without thinking and creates a new problem that never existed before. Janakamma doesn’t want Prabhakar to marry Chitra as she is expecting a very rich, educated and calm girl who will follow her orders. She declined their marriage but then had to accept Chitra just for Prabhakar’s sake. Chitra and Janakamma’s relationship didn’t go well. They started fighting for minute reasons. Moreover, Janakamma’s cousin, who was planning to perform her daughter Kanchana (Jayavijaya)’s marriage with Prabhakar so that they can rule over his property, was adding oil to the fuel. As a result, Chitra left the house and Prabhakar can’t stop her as it was against his mother’s wish. He used to visit Chitra’s place very often but the villagres started gossiping about their relationship. Chitra didn’t like it and hence she left her house and left a good bye note for Prabhakar. Prabhakar was shocked. For six years he searched for Chitra but couldn’t find her. Chitra came back after six years with a five year old son. When Prabhakar went to meet her she slammed the door on his face and hence Prabhakar decided to marry Chitra’s childhood friend Sumitra. When Chitra came to know about it, she went to meet Janakamma along with her son. Did Janakamma and Chitra re-unite? Did Prabhakar really marry Sumitra, forms the climax.


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