Bernie Sanders on the role of insurance companies under "Medicare for All"


Sen. Bernie Sanders, who lost his last bid for president, is unveiling the most recent version of his Medicare proposal Wednesday. Once dismissed as too radical by many Democrats, his universal health care plan is now being co-sponsored by four of his opponents in the race. It is called “Medicare For All”. Ed O’Keefe spoke with the self-declared Democratic socialist.

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  1. Now that Bernie is out of the race, there is only one candidate who wants to fix the broken healthcare system …. check out Dan Behrman

  2. People asked how will we pay for Bernie's healthcare-for-all plan. Question is how will we pay for this coronavirus bailout????

  3. "Is this program socialism?" I'm going to respond to that with a question. Who cares? If you can guarantee Healthcare to every man woman and child in this country then why would you be opposed to it? I think every person in this country should have a right to healthcare and I have to pay thousands of dollars to go to the emergency room or pay massive amounts of health insurance premiums. I would you ask such a question if it's Socialism or communism or capitalism. Why is that even relevant? We're talking about health coverage for everybody.

  4. Sure weed is fine, but think about what will happen to the prison guards’ jobs! Is no one thinking about them?????

  5. Awww, does it not account for how the leaches on society are going to do? Maybe they can go get a job at a dealership, or a finance institution, or some other industry that sucks value through regulatory capture away from people actually doing productive work.

  6. Since the beginning of time, scientists have tried to answer every question anybody has ever asked. The one question that to this day has never been answered is, "What would America be like if elected officials made any attempt what so ever to spend tax dollars responsible?"

  7. of course our decentralized health care where insurance companies pick and choose, and low to middle wage workers cannot afford or maybe even get insurance through their jobs ~ what happens to those already on the edge anyway and add coronavirus. At some point we are going to have to say rich and poor Americans get sick, we all have a place in our country and we all need healthcare. Enough of making housing, healthcare, and prisons for profit. Where is our concern about humanity instead of the dollar bill, is there not some compromise we can make in this country

  8. Now if O’Keefe was an ACTUAL JOURNALIST and NOT a PROPAGANDIST, he would’ve ASKED Bernie, like a JOURNALIST would, what would happen to those employees of the private insurance companies? Then Bernie would’ve explained how those people, that work for those RAPACIOUS MIDDLEMEN THAT PROFITEER off of the sick, would be absorbed by the government which would NEED THEM TO ADMINISTER the Medicare for All program to EVERYONE in the country!

  9. WHy does he keep referring to Europe when none of them have abolished private healthcare? If you're gonna compare it to what the Europeans have do it right!

  10. CBS doing the work of the conservatives for them. Ya never hear them ask the President where he'll get the trillion dollar budget for the military.

  11. Trump's been doing a great job, so I'll be voting for him this time. Record-low unemployment rates (especially for minorities), increased wages, prison reform, Right to Try, lower prescription drug prices, the list goes on and on. Plus he understands economics and the fact that free market principles work best. No offense to Bernie and all; I do think he means well, but we've been letting the government essentially control the healthcare industry for decades now and it's only made things worse.

  12. To all proud to be deplorables. Love your insurance premiums or student longs, if any, vote for Trump. Or for Bernie2020. Yale Study Says Medicare for All Would Save U.S. $450 Billion, Prevent Nearly 70,000 Deaths a Year Democracy Now! In my book more like $1T in savings, considering Wall st and under the table theft. Leave insurance for nose jobs for dummies, who needs one's :-). as Bernie said.

  13. This is the only bill Democrats have that makes any sense. Clearly healthcare in America sucks unless you are rich. Some people drain their life savings for 1 procedure its madness. Private Insurance rips off people for procedures and is at the top maybe if they offered to pay for more money toward the needed care people wouldn’t be so angry at them.

  14. There needs to be a nationally televised forum about Medicare for all with Q&A from the Internet and audience with the truth tellers like Nomiki, Cenk, Ana K, John L, Emma V. and several PEOPLE that hates Bernies'  health plan Medicare FOR ALL. Also include a financial rep that can demonstrate the monetary value and what it means to all Americans including the unions. The issue with this is you may never find a person or org that hates Bernies plan to participate. If I had enough money of my own I would sponsor this discussion. Even YouTube would be a fantastic place if national TV is too expensive…

  15. What happened to single payer??? That's a big difference from this but you all aren't paying attention enough to know that Bernie switched from a more Socialist model of single payer to lower the costs as well as cover everyone. This is the same old scam of forced public purchase of a wildly overpriced private product. Bernie's as socialist as Regan was. So not at all – stop drinking the koolaide.

  16. It’s ridiculous that people continue to side with the corruption due to programming and manipulation. The fact that insurance companies continue to rip off Americans, putting them in massive debt while charging extremely high fees so they can enrich themselves. Are we supposed to feel bad that someone wants to stop people from Profiting off people when they are sick and dying? Really? It will end the private sector but will create many more jobs. So boo-F-ing-hoo!

  17. what is the current healthcare system? why, that would be obamacare. didn't these same f×cks tell us obamacare was gonna fix everything?
    they lied then, they're lying even more now.

  18. Why some unions won't support MFA:
    Because their leaders are taking huge kickbacks from the insurance companies.
    You can bet on it.

  19. The media keeps showing what the projected cost of medicare for all will be in 10 years but fails to mention that the current system is on track to cost even more and even the most expensive projections are still cheaper than the current system and that system doesn't even cover millions of people with millions more under insured.

  20. The Democratic Party when it was more progressive and worker friendly under Presidents like FDR, Truman to LBJ all supported universal healthcare but all came against powerful interests and the situation has only gotten worse. The myth that US healthcare is the best is debunked by actual data whilst every other western nation has adopted a form of universal healthcare and developing nations are copying that model whilst the for US system is looked on as being not just only highly bureaucratic and expensive but very, very immoral with thousands dying each year because they cant afford healthcare and it being the biggest cause of bankruptcy in America with around 500,000 bankruptcies caused by medical debt that is crazy and is something another westerner citizen doesn't have to worry about.

  21. How to Explain the financing of Medicare-For-All

    How are you going to pay for it? It's going to cost roughly 32 trillion dollars over a ten year period. True but if we keep our current system it's going to cost roughly 50 trillion over that same ten year period. To answer the 1st question, we are already paying for healthcare and do not have to pull 32 trillion dollars out of thin air. The money is already in the system! Look at healthcare premiums & co-pays as a federally mandated private tax, with M.F.A. the public tax will be roughly 50% of the private tax thus saving people a lot of money and covering everybody.

  22. He actually has a proposal for the people that work at those companies. Why doesn't anyone listen to the man?


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