Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2020


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Medicare Supplement Plans are changing in 2020, and this video reviews the key points that you need to know to help you make an informed decision about your Medigap options.

Plan G vs Plan N:

Medicare Excess Charges and How they Work:

Medicare Basics, Medicare explained:

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  1. I'm trying to figure out which plan is best for me but not having any luck. I currently have United healthcare plus Medicare. I have had Medicare since 2014. I'm finding that my some of my doctors are not accepting united healthcare but will accept my Medicare. I'm not really wanting to switch doctors due to fact I'm very comfortable with my current doctors and trust them. I don't know what benifits I would loose if I dropped United healthcare and went with Medicare only.

  2. I want to apply for Social security disability before 65 so everything is paid for (dental, vision etc). This is all so confusing and is so expensive to those who have little in life. My friend got SS disability at 36 (he is healthier than I am ) he laughs and he cares not about any of this.

  3. But then there's dental problems for us older folks, so how about touching on that? My wife and I get some dental coverage from our Humana Medicare Advantage plan, but we'd like something better for the cost. Any ideas, not just for us but for everyone?

  4. Folks here’s an honest piece of advice. Get with an insurance broker who represents many different companies and choose the lowest priced plan G. These polices are standardized by the government. The company is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what your ID card says, it only matters what YOU pay. Don’t be a sucker and pay the least amount.

  5. This is my plan.

    The folks who do the following shall have uncanny luck in your life if behaving RATIONALLY because this is pure Karma and protection. Act like an ass it backfires.

    Say "The Universe is friendly to me—I will make a way for you." As it happens thank the Universe. Gratitude is powerful stuff.

    Do it– you have everything to gain. Trust me here. I've been living this for decades..

    You can thank me later and screw the plans, faith heals.

    Namaste Young'ins

  6. Hi, I called you for a quote and got the message "mailbox full". I tried to send a text to the same number and received a text immediately stating "service access denied". That was discouraging.

  7. Great video and very informative. I must say, that you are very easy on the eyes. I see a warm beautiful picture of your face. In all due, respect. Thxs.

  8. I sent an email bc I’d like to initiate quotes on G, N, and maybe F. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks for these great videos!

  9. As soon as High Duc G comes out you would be a fool not to look at that plan, HDF was great, but as of 2020 it is no more. You'll see part B excess charges in the Philadelphia PA area. Beware of plan B, it only covers 20 days of Skilled Nursing Facility care and having a stroke will set you up for busting through 20 days coverage. Plans F&C will become a lot like the old Plan J. Oh United American is one of the best priced companies and stable companies marketing High Deductible G. A lot of agents like Stephanie don't tell you about HDF, or HDG because the commissions are a lot lower, once you get your head wrapped around on how the plan works, you'll wonder why everyone isn't on this plan.

  10. You did not discuss mention Plan A, which should be the cheapest and still protects you against the Part B no limit on out of pocket-the biggest reason to get a supplement. Why is Plan A dismissed??? I am have been on high deductible plans for several years (currently on an Obamacare one) and am OK with that. I think Plan A is all I need.

  11. I'm a new agent for United Healthcare and this stuff is complicated. You're great at explaining the coverages. Thank you for your videos. Do you recommend any more informational vids?

  12. An average cost $$$ of plans would be nice, I find most if not all folks offering plans tend to hide any pricing but rather want you to call and talk to a salesman


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