BEST Movie Theater Ever? Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles Tour


We take a tour of the new Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles location — is it the best movie theater in LA?

We take a look at Video Vortex, the company’s reimagined video store, bar and event space concept that allows free movie rentals of more than 40,000 blu-Ray and DVD movies, a lot of which are no longer in print or available on streaming. The space also has a cool retail component, a collection of awesome pop culture merchandise including collectibles, vinyls and screen-printed posters from Mondo. The event space is setup for regular tabletop gatherings (with a library of free to play board games) and trivia contests. The bar has over 45 beers on tap.

The hallways of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema are lined with oversized vintage movie posters that are just breathtaking to see in person.

The twelve theaters themselves are all equipped with Laser projectors (one cinema has a 35mm projector) and leather recliners — basically every screen is equivalent to an AMC prime cinema but with addition to food ordering. The food menu is expansive, including appetizers, salads, sandwiches, snacks, pizza, Texmex and more. And a selection of almost 50 beers and ciders on tap alongside cocktails, wine and more are also available.

It’s really a film lovers paradise. And the best news is that the ticket prices are not expensive, it’s about the same as seeing a normal movie at a chain theater but you get the upgraded experience. The only downside, for us at least, is the downtown Los Angeles location. Despite the fact that the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Los Angeles is located at a subway stop, it’s not easy to get there from where we live compared to Arclight or AMC. But it might be worth going to for some of the cinema’s special events like Weird Wednesday and Terror Tuesday.

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  1. I've came to that place twice here in L.A. I watched The Lion King Movie 6 months ago and I watched Sonic the Hedgehog movie yesterday. I was the only person watching when I watched the Sonic movie. That's how private (and expensive) the Alamo theater is.

    I don't think I want to visit my local public theater that much anymore because there are idiots who talk during a movie and/or use their smartphone also some parents can't even handle their damn children when they scream or talk. And I personally think that they should have a rule where children under 5 are prohibited to be there.

  2. The Alamo is pretty nice theatre but I don't think I can say it's the best movie theare. I prioritize comfortable seats, sound quality, and viewing.

    The best movie theatre(s) I've ever been to, Arclight in Los Angeles because the designers factored in the "nostril seats" front row, and moved the screen back enough to be able to enjoy the film.

    The Sony Center in Berlin, Germany also has a similar design.

    I do have a season pass at the Alamo because it's convenient where I live. Now I prefer not to eat at a movie theater. I do like to spread my money around. It's also distracting, Smelling and hearing another person order up 3 course meal can be problematic. I liked the Austin, Texas Alamo Downtown where I could order my drink and snacks in the lobby and carry it to my table before the show. So ducking servers aren't inconveniencing others on my behalf.

  3. I love Alamo Drafthouse. It’s my favorite place to see movies. I have to say that yours there in LA is pretty cool looking. That movie rental area is not at the ones here in San Antonio, unless it’s been added since last time I was there. I also love that they will refill your popcorn and soda for free. And the fried pickles are yummy. Great vlog guys.

  4. There was a place near me called the Bethesda Cinema & Drafthouse (later called the Bethesda Theatre Cafe) that unfortunately went belly up years ago. I saw Gladiator there and it was a very cool experience. Not long after that it closed down; if I remember correctly the building it was in was demolished so yet another apartment complex could go in its place.

  5. Looks nice but I rather go to the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood. Vintage film projection and a variety of content each month programmed by Tarantino. Cheap snacks too.

  6. I live in San Antonio and I guess I am somewhat jaded because I've never been impressed by our Alamo Drafthouse. Yours on the other hand seemed way much cooler. Having said that I will give it another go and try the newer one here and hope for the best.

  7. You get great food (tacos,pizzas,brunches,brewery, unlimited soda and popcorn when you order them) specially themed food for the movie of the month, if you have a loud table, they can be taken out if they keep annoying, specially themed shows of cult movies and sing alongs, as well as some cereal parties for early movie projection and for the most part no kids allowed on shows that are not for children. The only thing missing in El Paso's theater is the memorabilia and video store and the reclining seats.

  8. F yeah, I don't mind the size of it. I've seen luxurious and awesome theatres, but nothing compares &don't get me started with the food, the flautas, popcorn &pizza are soo good. I've been there twice last month and recently with some friends as a late birthday get together. Favorite beers, 805 and the anthem cider. Recently had a margarita of some sort

  9. I like the sound of this place. Or I should say their no txting and loud conversations. That's why I don't go to movie theaters now, but I'm going to check this place out. I hope they do well.

  10. I've been to Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn a couple of times (I live in the UK) and its brilliant! They also do theme nights.. I went to a CLUE theme showing. They are building a Drafthouse in Florida. Hopefully that will be open when I go to Disney World next year

  11. I know these are popular but I am obviously not the target demographic. I absolutely hate the theaters that serve food. No matter what they try to do – it is distracting. Dinner and a movie go well together but are 2 separate events. I am watching a movie, leave me alone ha ha. 😎

  12. I won a Star Wars tattoo contest and they flew me and my husband out to Austin to watch allllllll the Star Wars movies 17 hours at one setting.

  13. You guys have the best vibes! Both seem so down to earth, and such genuine people. That’s why I love watching your adventures! Can’t wait to check this place out this week. Thank you!!! Seems amazing for people who truly love film. You should go to the new Beverly center! Not a lot of people vlog about it. And it’s the best! Quentin Tarantino’s movie theatre.

  14. So interesting to see a movie theater that offers more than just popcorn and soft drinks. I could spend a whole day in there and be thoroughly entertained. Great video!

  15. So unfair! Whoever owns the Alamo Drafthouse franchise rights in LA is investing a lot more money and effort into their theater than most of the ones here in Texas.

  16. Wow, I live in Austin, and we have a ton of Alamos here, but none of them are as nice as this one. Kinda jealous! Although, we don't have to pay much extra for tickets. Ours Alamo tickets are like $12 bucks each, which isn't much more than a regular theater.

  17. My favorite movie theater finally came here! The staff are all super friendly and the food and drinks are great too 🙂


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