Best Musically 2018 | January | Best Videos Compilation 2018


Best Musically 2018 | January | Best Videos Compilation 2018 :
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Our Muser Battles : Baby Ariel VS Loren Gray VS Kristen Hancher | Muser Battle :

Top Featured Videos DECEMBER 2017 :

Anna Zak Best Videos DECEMBER 2017 :

Top 10 Songs of December (Week 1) :

Best SHUFFLE Dance Videos ALL TIME :

Jayden Bartels (missjaydenb) New Videos : Videos Popular Now l November 2017 l Best Videos :

Loren Gray OLD Vs NEW Musical.lys | ALL TIME :

Best DANCE Musical.lys of November 2017 :

Crazy Transition Musical.lys #1 | Quick Dose :

Most Popular Musical.lys Of November 2017 | WEEK 1 :

BEST Rolex Challenge Compilation :

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  1. K guys was cringe asf but like everyone had fun, now there's only drama about Charli D'amelio and Lilhuddy's breakup like NO ONE ASKED FOR THEIR DRAMA

  2. Ah, the days before tiktok thots! Nowadays everyone is so slutty. I can't watch a tiktok w/o the tiktoker wearing a crop top. Seriously sad.

  3. During musically there wasn’t much hate and people were nicer and you could do anything now it’s harder and there has been so much more drama I remember watching Lauren Godwin and liking her stuff

  4. Musically 2018: Notification: We are partnering with Tik Tok

    After partnering with Tik Tok: Me going into the App Store just to see "And"

    Me: Unfollowing everyone, deleting my videos, making my account private, disabling account, making 1-star review and deleting the app


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