Best Property Apps For Home Buyers & Investors [8 Best Real Estate Tools]


Are you looking to buy a home, investment property or a place to rent? For whatever property stage you’re at, chances are there’s an app that could fit the bill.

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Real estate apps can be a convenient way to help you find your first home, choose an investment property, seek out a place to rent or discover home décor and renovation ideas. Here are 12 of some of the most popular property-related apps you may want to check out (listed in alphabetical order): and are two of the most popular real estate websites in the nation, with millions of visitors every month and apps that many Australians turn to when looking for a property. Both house hundreds of thousands of listings and millions of downloads across the Apple and Android platforms.

Depending on your real estate needs, you may want to also try out some of the other real estate apps on our list. We have chosen a wide selection of apps that vary in their offering, ranging from real estate portals to an app that allows you to design floor plans.

Here are short summaries of what the following 12 apps (available on Android and Apple devices) offer:


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  2. I'm a first home buyer in Adelaide looking at buying my first property to live in at the end of the year and was wondering if you guys organise home loans for interstate clients? Or is it better to use a local broker?Cheers,Steve

  3. I’ve just learnt what would potentially have taken me a fortnight to a month in just 9 mins. Just brilliant. Thanks Jayden.


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