‘Black Panther’ Wins Best Movie | 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards


Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordan and Winston Duke of ‘Black Panther’ accept the award for Best Movie at 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards. Check out more from 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards here:

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  1. It was not that great and people are still hyping it up watch deadpool which never got boring a single time or watch doctor strange which we'll if youve watched it should definitely know the story, plot, comedy and fight scenes were all better

  2. they didnt deserve it. movie is boring yall gotta admit it. there had to be a better movie that came out that year


    idiots of 2018/2019: dude BP is so overrated

    Me: shit you must have some strong calves just on the band wagons and off

  4. In the same year that Infinity War came out? Yeah fucking right. Black Panther was worse than Thor: The Dark World and even Iron Man 3. If you cant acknowledge that people support this movie simply because of the black cast then you are brainwashed and delusional.

  5. Bullshit race driven awards. Hey let’s give out MTV awards and Oscars for everyone who does anything this year. I don’t want anybody feeling marginalized or discriminated against!

  6. Totally did not deserve this black panther was simply praised because it had an almost all black cast and that’s it it was judged by race instead of the actual quality yes it was good but certainly not award worthy especially when infinity war is leagues and leagues ahead of black panther and any real marvel fan knows that

  7. yes!!!! they gave the handicap kid the win (thats how they treat you). token win for colored people. now im not racist by a looooooong shot! but i call bullshit! i do not know how real people that don't judge by color but by all around great movies don't see this as a token win. heres my proof….did any one in that cast win best actor?? supporting actor?? costume design?? NO, so how does this happen?? was ironman 1 a better movie?? was infinity war a better movie?? YES!!!!!!! WHY DIDNT THEY WIN ONE?? IM DONE WITH MARVEL AND HOLLYWOOD. im a latino and i rather have a latin movie win it when it deserves to win not given away like a token biscuit. i personally would cring. it was a good movie but not best picture y'all come on! fucking white people do that shit rite in your face and you don't see it! my eyes are wide open!

  8. Chadwick was more focused on mike spealing. Now duke didn't even think about her. So i give them an excuse for thinking about the win.

  9. The golden globe praises the black panther movie but forgot to mention that the black panthers were responsible for killing COPS in Philadelphia ??? Be careful what you love ??

  10. REALLY? Black Panther? Oh come on it wasnt that good! I guess just because it was a bunch of black people in it. Honestly identity politics fuels MTV. I rather watch the first black Marvel superhero movie ever which was way better than BP… BLADE!!!


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