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When Melissa enlists the help of a personal trainer, Trey takes his trainer duties beyond the norm to track her every move with deadly intentions.

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Cast: Adam Huber | Briana Lane | Drew Roy | Hannah Barefoot | Matt Cedeno

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Melissa (Hannah Barefoot) is worried about dating again. To gain her confidence back, she decides to join the gym and begins working out with a personal trainer named Trey (Adam Huber), whom she confides in during their sessions. She soon jumps back into the dating world, but after a number of great first dates, she wonders why she never hears from any of the men again and asks her friend Leslie (Briana Lane), who vocalizes her suspicions of Trey’s true intentions. Soon after, Melissa finds out that Trey has been tracking her through her Fitbit and threatening the men she’s been dating. Convinced that Trey is responsible for someone’s death, she cuts all ties with Trey, but he refuses to let her go and will do anything to keep his client.


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Blood, Sweat and Lies – Official Trailer – MarVista Entertainment


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  2. I honestly thought that it was blood,sweat and tears. Thats why I came tbh🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  3. …. Why didnt he just ask her out and tell her how he feels about her?! We are humans, we can communicate exactly what we want to say!


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