Car Action Preview Cars & Truck Auto Auction Video and Bidding


Bidding on Cars at Auto Action preview of used Autos

0:37 Starting Preview Walkaround
0:51 Mercedes Benz CL500
3:01 Infiniti G20
5:33 VW Beetle Convertible
6:35 1998 BMW Convertible
8:08 Ford Mustang Convertible
9:48 1974 Oldsmobile Pace Car
10:30 Chevy Tahoe 2 Door
11:43 Mercedes Benz C Class
16:05 Jaguar
17:40 Toyota Pickup Truck
18:57 Ford Mustang
21:15 Chevy Extended Cab Dually
23:06 Mini Cooper
23:53 Nissan Altima
25:37 Ford Mustang
26:53 PT Cruiser
27:14 Chevy G20 Conversion Van
29:18 Mercedes Benz E320
29:30 Subaru
30:22 Ford Mustang Convertible
30:48 Ford F250 Crew Cab
31:43 Fiat 500
32:45 Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible
33:57 Bentley Arnage
34:58 1987 Chevy Corvette
36:11 Dodge V10 Truck
37:15 Lexus
40:42 Lincoln Town Car
41:45 Mercedes Benz E Class
44:13 Chevy Corvette
44:25 Dodge Challenger
46:00 Volvo Wagon
46:35 BMW
47:15 Mercedes Benz SL

Up at Manheim in Los Angeles preview cars today and trying to find a couple of good deals. I have one of my buddies with me and we are looking for a car for his mom too. They have a lot of vehicles at this auction every week. If you are looking for a new car give me a call and I can help save you money on your next car truck or suv.
We can also help with the shipping. We work with a lot of brokers and drivers. We transport cars all over the world and will be happy to help you with the transport of your new vehicle.
Lots of new videos coming up and make sure and check out all my channels for new videos added daily.

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  1. Hey hi … hope things are going a little better .. how's the moving going so far?  Maybe I am not up to date on your situation.  Would like to be over there to give you a hand

  2. Great video. Was just wondering. What kind of license do you have to have to buy used or Auction cars? Also is this license obtained through the DMV or? Thanks.

  3. You should use a camera like a GoPro bc that Google Glass sound wrong I this its easier to use but the sound and Quality is not right

  4. Why did that lady ask if you had a scanner what are they for? Sorry if this is a stupid question I am new at this.


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