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Car Auction Auto Auctions Video Preview Cars Trucks Wholesale Buying Bidding Auction Previewing Cars at the dealer auto auction before the sale to see what they got. Bidding on cars I LOVE Buying Cars is def away of life and you love it or hate it. This is a Wholesale Auction and be it Toyota Ford, Chevy, Honda, GMC, Jaguar, Nissan You Name it its here. Got Bill from Livewire Energy with me. We have a meeting and he just happens to need a car for his daughter. So the perfect place to meet is at the auction and see if we can find something for him too. If you are looking to save money on a car, give me a call and I will do what I can to help you out. Thank You for watching and please Share my Videos Comment on the Like them and Make sure you are Subscribed..;-)

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  1. I need a cheap project car under $1000 with miles less than 150,000. I want something like mustang or civic. Is hard to find cheap ones with running engine here 😭😔

  2. Did u buy the crown vic or not? I love those cars. I am looking for one but i am in Canada and it is a lot harder to find one that i want. It will also be my first car. I wish ford would bring them back.

  3. Out in NE Ohio, those SLK 230's 250s etc, are usually pretty rusted. Just sad to see some of these cars rust out. 

    How much was it? 2k?

    I was behind a mid 2000's mercedes at McDonald's drive thru the other day. Black dude driving with his girlfriend or something. Guy's window didn't roll down so he had to open the door. Bunch of sticky residue from a AAA sticker on the bumper that was turning black, (silver car) and dripping rust from the fenders etc. Just looked horrid.

  4. believe it or not with the internet, ebay and forums you can fix a lot of issues on your own car. you may have to throw a few parts at a problem to fix some things but that  still cheaper than going to a professional shop , obviously if you have a blown trans your out of luck

  5. Nathan what is your opinion of mid-90s Volvos? I'm looking to buy a 1995 Volvo 850. The car is super clean inside and out, with about 130k miles. 

  6. Cop interceptors are really good,strongest then standard option, I had one F.C Victoria from 1992 -pure monster from NYPD

  7. I use to go to corona high school and we were the only school left in the district with autoshop. I took it all four years and I work on my car now so there's still some of us teenagers that do still work on our cars lol

  8. They maybe changed the badge on the Slk because of jealous neighbors or they wanted to fool someone at the trafficlights,


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