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Tanner has a comedic and uncanny way of noticing everyday events. He draws people in while entertaining them about his personal experiences pertaining to social interactions and common cell phone usage amongst the youth of today. Tanner Welton is a grade 8 student from the Langley, British Columbia. He enjoys public speaking, hockey, drama the outdoors and socializing with friends. He is a very social kid who takes a keen interest in people. He is very personable and charismatic. He notices the more subtle ways people interact and loves to evaluate these relationships and share stories. He is empathic and caring towards others and notices when others feel sad, lonely or not accepted in groups. He wants all to be accepted and cared for and strives for fairness and understanding in the world. He has learned to be resilient as he faces his own daily challenges and is learning to overcome obstacles and see the light in his future. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. I would panic if I don’t have my phone in my pocket because I would assume I lost an $800 object that is my only form of communication

  2. Excess of everything is bad
    When we get fully addicted, it exercises a power upon us
    It should be meant for some specialised & exclusive purposes only

  3. I went into a crisis care 2 years ago. When I went in, they locked away my phone and I could only use it for like 30 minutes when I was able to use it. I had to also wait for other people. I now know that is when I am depressed when my phone is constantly in my hand smh. It's sad.

  4. Fubbing is awful! I have had people come for a visit and they spend most of the time on their phones! So why visit? What message is being conveyed??? I care more about FB or someone else than I do about you!

  5. It is all about balance. When you go to see a movie with your spouse, leave your phone at home. When you visit friends, put your phone away while you visit. You can grab a pic together just before leaving for home. When you go for a walk, enjoy nature, your dogs or children or significant other. Do not worry about social media. Be in the moment. Phone watching while crossing a street or worse yet, driving while using your phone, could be fatal for you or someone else. If you have an unfortunate aggressive encounter with someone, do not use your phone to spread the details of this toxic encounter with people who have nothing to do with the encounter and who do NOT want to know about it. Limit your time on the phone. Leave it at home and see if you can feel happy and comfortable without it. If not, you are addicted and no addictions are good for you. They imprison you! You will end up not sleeping well, getting depressed, feeling unfulfilled, because you are wasting precious time. Use them to uplift, educate or capture beautiful memories. Limit your time spent on them to one or two hours…no more! Do not document every minute of your life. Live instead!

  6. Plain and simple… technology was supposed to bring us closer and make us smarter; we're just getting dumber and pushing loved ones farther and farther away


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