CHILLOUT MUSIC ZONE | SPECIAL MEGA CHILLOUT MIX – Relaxation/Ambient/ Lounge/Study/Sleep


SOOTHING BEATS SPECIAL MEGA CHILLOUT MIX – Relaxation/Ambient/ Lounge/Study/Sleep
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The best ambient music to help you relax, chill-out, study, get some sleep, meditate, do some yoga, clear your mind.

Composed and arranged by Paolo Paolini
Recorded At Groove Studio
In Exclusive for #ChilloutMusicZone from PAUL & PAUL Ltd.


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  1. I like this music n makes me happy n more to n i hope my bf likes this music to sleep together n be better together forever n god bless me n my bf n hes 2 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👸👸🤴👸my big family i have now n love to cuz i don't have no family only this only is my family only them

  2. This is so relaxing I was listing to this while making a project and it went by quickly and helped me focus. 🙏 Thanks 😊!

  3. I put my earphones on! To block out my 8 and 4 year olds who are extremely loud and obnoxious at times I needed a break because I am a full time mommy w depression and anxiety. This is working 👌❤️ I hope this help you too! #musicismyescape

  4. Why does the song during 7:50 sound like I've heard it from a video game…maybe final fantasy when you find vincent?

  5. There are record keepers that exist throughout the ages of time that keep books of specific events..All thoughts, words and deeds…More Importantly INTENTIONS. .Remember this day…It will be spoken of for 700,000 years…This day is the extinction of cyber terrorism in the world…..This day will be honored remembering the many who fell victim to a legacy that fell with a quiet bang…An Adam for An Adam..A tooth for a tooth…An alignment for you…
    Kenny Vawter

  6. I just played this while doing massage therapy. In all my 36 years of therapy, I've never heard music such as this. Loved it!

  7. You gotta sign the album. Be the next generation of Enigma. I've got some lyrics yall wanna see and make some music with it (: (:

  8. When i listen to this mix i like to close my eyes and lay back flat. I imagine im a lone traveler on a raft floating down an endless rapid with rich vegetation encroaching from all sides. Birds fly over head occasionally swooping in for the catch of the day. The sun is always low and tempreture is cool. The night sky is slowly setting in. Life is good and i am at peace.


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