CINEMA HALLS का वो काला सच जो आपको कोई नहीं बताएगा || DARK SECRET OF CINEMA HALLS


Dark secrets of cinema halls.

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  1. You are a frustrated guy . Ticket sale for popcorn bucket. Because of confine hall smell of popcorn. And price of food depends on kind and location of shop cannot be compare to street food. For 3d glasses wipes are given. Don't be so negative

  2. Bhai u have copied this vdo from HINDI COUNTDOWN channel same wahii baaatein wahi dialogues wahhh bhaii kya copy ki h
    Ek dum same to same……. Wahhhhh

  3. Abe chutye agar cinema hall me ye sab hota hai to tu kyu public me dekha raha hai normal demo nhi de sakta jo pura open dekha raha hai

  4. Thanx a ton bhai….pata nahi kitne maze liye honge piracy k naam pe night vision camera laga k theatre walon ne😂

  5. Haa
    bhai popcorn bucket wali baat sach hai maine pakda tha ek baar canteen wale ko fir sry bolke maafi maagne laga

  6. Bhai tera bucket wala concept mujhey pasand nahi aaya……. jo bill aur swap amount kaha jata hai seller k khatey may????


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