Cold Calling LIVE (New Real Estate Agent)


This is Valerie making some calls, LIVE. She is our newest edition to the team and what better way to get introduced to this business than hop on the phones LIVE!

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  1. Honestly, I just love how you said "Making progress" and hadn't made any progress but the fact that you stayed persistent was the progress! Love it LOVE IT Queen and the recap at the end was so perfect

  2. Subscribed and liked of course.
    I wish I could see Brian's new script for fsbs, have they changed or do you keep using the same from 2016 please? I really appreciate this video, if I lived in your city I would definitely be in your team or apply for it. I've been doing great with follow ups but braking the ice is my hard step, like showing them I can. I don't have a good script, or I don't know which one is best. Thank you for your videos. Thank you to Loida you guys rock!!

  3. I’m doing cold calling for an insurance company towards business owners, my job is to get an appointment or getting the renewal from local business owners

  4. I think she did really good especially considering that she's a new agent. However I think she should have dove deeper after the guy who said "which one" claimed the property was sold. That indicated he could of either been selling multiple property's right now or is an investor.

  5. All of these numbers she calls are these numbers she paid for? Sorry I’m about to start and I’m not entirely sure where we get numbers to cold call form.

  6. Thanks for sharing the video Valerie I would prefer don’t have a music on. I really interested of cold call. But I was wondering how do you get all the numbers from. Sorry I am a new agent.

  7. I'm a Wholesaler, but I can attest this is what real estate sales really looks like. 100s of phone calls a day everyday until your mind goes numb, but nothing feels better than that fat check.

  8. "Fell forward not backwards" I like that. I'm a new agent and just looking for some inspiration to make these calls. Glad to see something organic & raw.

  9. Some people just don't have the time & skills for cold calling, I rather pay someone with experience to do it for me, for $48 a campaign, I found this company 633 Real Estate Solutions and they do an awesome job. Highly Recommended!

  10. Yes that was nice actually , I love the aknowledgments she gave over all the call quality was good and real not monotonous nice job

  11. 3:25
    "Just calling about that property that came of the market and wondering if it got sold or not"
    -"Apparently yes but I'm not sure"
    "Ok well thanks for clearing that up for me" 🤣👍

  12. I just got my license a few weeks ago, what helps me a TON ? Practice speaking in front of a mirror as if Your on the phone with a million dollar client, study your own scripts! And sound CONFIDENT !

  13. She did a great job ❤️. Question, why not just hire a cold caller to generate appointments for you?
    Is using leverage a bad idea in the beginning?

  14. I've been watching a lot of these live cold calling but this is the first one where ppl hang up, don't answer, or say NOOOOO.


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