Coronavirus: Police find 'pile of bodies' at New Jersey nursing home


A New Jersey nursing home is under investigation after police found 18 bodies in a ‘makeshift morgue’ on site.

The Andover Subacute and Rehabilitation Centre said in an email to the state’s governor that the “more than average deaths” due to coronavirus had meant that more bodies needed to be stored in the facility, which usually has a capacity of four.

At another one of the state’s struggling nursing homes, family members said they weren’t informed about dying relatives inside.

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  1. When this is all over everyone who complains about the care that was given go volunteer and find out what it is truly like caring for elderly!

  2. 😧😧 I really hope the same staff are not in there, get them out, the family's would do a better job, or get the elderly out of there.
    My mother is in a nursing home.
    I am so worried.
    I cannot believe they didn't inform the family's and would not even bother to bring them to hospital to be saved. I really feel for those family's, this is so sad.

  3. Horrible making old people and veterans dying alone or being murdered on cold slavs are evil. All our medical supplies coming from China is very suspicious and no way to prove my suspicions

  4. DISGUSTING!!! FILE CHARGES!! I've been yelling on behalf of the elderly and disabled/ill since this virus BS broke out. NO ONE HAS BEEN PAYING ATTENTION TO AND HELPING THESE FOLKS!! NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THEM. THE U.S. DISGUSTS ME.

  5. I am not hurt for the relatives but for the elderly! The relatives should be the one taking care of their olds. They are passing the burdens to others. To others it is just a business.

  6. Just horrified this just happened to a place that is a few towns away, Elizabeth is an hr away… Thise Poor souls OMG JESUS THOSE POOR PPL. NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!! JESUS PRAYERS💜❤💚💛🧡💙💜❤💚💛🧡💙

  7. Thats and absolute Disgrace and disrespect to life they haven't told the family members their elderly relative has Died. This is the WORLD we live in? Disgusting

  8. Can't believe people actually watch this fake news. Another billionaire owned media corporation feeding the coronavirus scam. Covid 19 hasn't been isolated therefore the testing is useless. Dr Andrew Kaufman explains this clearly. Data being manipulated by the W.H.O and university computer modelling all funded by another billionaire Bill Gates. Some doctors and nurses have come out with the truth but more need to do the right thing.

  9. If the care workers have antibodies to the virus, they might have had the mild version of the virus and unwittingly passed the virus on to vulnerable people. Also, if the residents in these homes are having vaccines against the flu, isn't it telling that they are the very ones left vulnerable when confronted by a new strain of virus?

  10. My grandmother died in what was supposed to be a top of the line nursing home (we discovered there really is no such thing) while rehabbing from hip replacement. She rang for help after a fall and was found three hours later deceased. It was heartbreaking and eats at me to this day. It was avoidable and so wrong. We sued, won, and donated the money to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately I think most nursing home patients are neglected by a mostly indifferent staff. There are some who do care but they’re the exception not the rule.


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