Could Deshaun Watson land with the Patriots? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


Deshaun Watson could be a good fit in New England, but for now, the Patriots seem to be all in on Jarrett Stidham. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #DeshaunWatson
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Could Deshaun Watson land with the Patriots? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  1. Literally 0% he’s going to get over 35 mil a year! Yeah! These media heads are dumb af! Same people who said the browns would be a super bowl contender…

  2. As a Pats fan I’d love nothing more, but as an inhabitant of reality I can acknowledge that this will obviously never happen.

  3. Here we go…Florio, you HACK. Just stop creating “content” and wait for the draft. Then you might have something worthwhile to say. I’ll be holding my breath though.

  4. Attention bean accountants . A short season with 10 games and reduced number of 38 players. Don't rule this out.

  5. “If you’re one of those fans hitting the panic button, that’s on y’all. Don’t hop on the train at the end of the season” -Watson
    For those Fake Texans Fans & this garbage show for having nothing else to talk about

  6. You all talk up Watson like he’s some proven, elite player. Yet seem very concerned and worried about his play without Hopkins! I think it’s safe to say that you all won’t be satisfied until Watson has Belichick, Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Christian McCaffery and Travis Kelce to throw to. Nothing but excuses! 1-2 record in the playoffs! You all cry bloody murder that “Poor Watson the only QB to ever play a season with suspect pass pro”. Yet there was fucking crickets and you all were nowhere to be found when Bill O’Brien went and got him one of, if not THE Best Left Tackles in the NFL in Tunsil. Oh yeah he also packaged that up to include Kenny Stills a very solid premier #2 WR another weapon at the disposal of Watson. Fucking crickets when O’Brien traded for ELITE Tunsil. And now you idiots just want to cry and cry and cry that Watson’s security blanket is gone. Don’t bother analyzing the situation of making sure that that ELITE tackle Tunsil is paid and around for the long run to protect Watson. Fucking idiots.


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