COVID-19: Singapore preliminarily confirms 623 new cases


There are now more than 5,000 COVID-19 infections in Singapore. Six hundred and twenty-three new cases have been preliminarily confirmed. The Health Ministry said most of the new cases are foreign workers in dormitories.

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  1. Health-care workers, we know you are out there at the frontline of the fray. Your push though tired and weary, shows your resilient. On our part, we will obey the Advisory precaution so that with less of us, will give less work which you have already gotten two handfuls. We will pray to the Lord Jesus for your safety and strength.

  2. The main bulk of infection comes from the foreign workers. Hopefully most of them will recover. We trust that they will be given good care and medication for recovery.

    The local spread has been reduced significantly. We, Singaporeans have to continue to abide in the Govt. Task Force Advisory, especially our elderly need a lot of protection from home and persuasion out of home. The emphasis for them to abide in the Advisory, is not just the $300 fine but most of all for their life AND the lives of their husbands, wives, sons, daughters and grand-children in their home.
    As far as numbers are concern, we are still doing very well despite of the spike of foreign workers, if we keep our death rate as Low as possible, half the battle is won.

  3. Lesson to be learnt …Be responsible n take better care of our foreign workers. Overcrowding in dormitaries is inhumane. They are vital to our economy. They deserved better.

  4. Typical blame game.
    If no locals are being mass tested obviously there is no evidence of local transmission.

  5. It is really funny that how many Singaporean are still digging their heads and make claim we tested the most thus the numbers are high. What does it even matter how others are testing. The fact our numbers are increasing while all the measurement so far had failed, is revealing to our inability to contain the virus. The manic ego of Singaporean are unbelievable. Thin skin, shallow and still living in denial.

    The fact we had it controlled before, but screwed up big time when the government refused to ban all travels from everywhere else, including UK and US because of political reasons despite the facts they were sky-rocketing in numbers. The fact the virus exposed how bad Singapore are with human rights and treatment of workers. The fact the virus also exposed how weak our economy system is, due to years of neo-liberalism capitalistic direction bind and blinded on the greed of false wealth indication of wealth – GDP.
    1-meter social distancing is clearly failing. Stop putting the blame on none-Singaporean workers. They were illegally held in poor condition herded to work for the greed and profit. They got it worse than any Singaporean. We Singaporean are the criminal here. We allowed insanity, illogical, lazy and closed minded beliefs to rule our lives.

    We can continue to sink until the country fail, or we can make good look of what had failed, how it failed and who had failed.

  6. .check the website to get a live map for each country statistics

  7. Enough of fancy words. Jesus, when will people ever learn that the population today are educated enough to see through bullshit use of fancy words. "Breaker" and "Preliminarily". How about " we don't know what the fish we are doing and we screwed up big time but hey hey we still get more salaries than you guy?"

  8. In their mission to impress the world n sporeans our govt forgot the pitiful state of migrant workers they were always treated badly even in supermarkets they were looked as like shoplifters even when they were just buying their daily provisions in an pandamic they were forgotten n ignored as if they were non exsistant now the truth is out but who is responsible the employers who put them in such places to stay or our govt who trusted the employers to take care of migrant workers I don't know


    To my Government of Singapore PAP ,
    we the Singaporean would like to have your comments on this Video, is this True or Fake.
    Thank you
    Concern Citizen.

  10. Is PAP trying to bend the curve or accelerate the curve? I have a feeling they are stupidly doing the latter. PAP is grossly mishandling the health crisis and economy.

  11. Just put everyone in hazmat suits and helmets and let us get back to our normal lives
    All Business IS Essential

  12. Wat are the gov waiting for follow like other country lockdown all stay at home the best if u look at wat malaysia is doing.i pray for all my much can we do to the max,OPEN THE EYE SOMETHING IS TOTALLY WRONG .

  13. Equity that is what's wrong. When a country who has one of the best public health planning but ceased to consider foreign workers human enough to be considered the country's public health plans, that is the biggest mistake Singapore has made.

  14. Its so SHAMEFUL to the entire world when such tiniest country can have more than 6000 cases and 11 deaths … This is beyond comprehension and poor management in handling … Brunei is 8 times bigger than SG but yet has only less than 140 cases and no death … Enough said !!!

  15. 1. Whats the point of election, when most areas are walk over by PAP ?
    2. Current President is not elected by people. what a joke

  16. With the rate going on, i think normal mask is still not protective enough. Everyone should have N95 mask! and could change daily. Wonder we have enough for all singaporeans.

  17. I’m saying this from a rational perspective… Singapore government are already trying their best to curb the spread. It’s everyone’s responsibility for their own health and safety, could it be the workers themselves think lightly of this epidemic? Are they making use of opportunity for their own benefit?

  18. Wearing mask & social distancing measures must apply to all, not just Singaporeans. Govt must make sure foreign workers r also taken care of by their respective embassies

  19. Prolonging the Lockdown to a much more later date is good given the current situations! 4th May is definitely insufficient for this deadly killer virus to subsides, its impossible indeed! Singapore is a tiny weeney island and its spreads is so rapid from one to another, do prolong the lockdown for more safety

  20. If we do not address the thousand of Malaysian who came to Singapore on 13 to 14 March we will never find the answer to this spreading, most are without proper addresses, everyday we listen to all the measures effort but no one wants to bring up this topic of the exodus of Malaysian fleeing their lock down. Just don’t waste the effort and start looking into those that came here.

  21. The important thing now is not the numbers of daily cases, rather the severity of the individual illnesses and the resources available to deal with them, which I believe Singapore has. No point pointing fingers now either, what has happened has happened, and let's not pretend the majority of us, if given the roles of Manpower minister etc, would have any clearer idea of what to do. The most vocal ones are often those who are cooped up at home, bored and upset that their normal lives have been inconvenienced, and they're not the ones exhausted and working daily on the frontlines. That is an understandable aspect of our human nature, to want to find a scapegoat, and they think they alone know the solutions to this crisis. We are as it is fortunate to be in Singapore during this time.

  22. Still can c worker in the evening kallang River take their own sweet time in group wher this worker come from just concent thk q & wher is the public transport police in mrt just concern thk q

  23. 19 April.. Singapore the highest case in SEA.. Above from Australia.. Wow.. amazing…got Gold Medal in SEA Games for crona virus games.. Small country didnt expected.. Big country like Australia lose to singapore..

  24. Update as at 18/04, Singapore (5,992) overtook Indonesia (5,923), Serbia (5,690) and Malaysia (5,251) in total number of infection. Singaporeans, take it seriously or it will be too late then

  25. stay at home totally useless. see the number just increase more this is rubbish. government totally xuay suay. all foreign worker. government go for kite and sleep with snake. useless government go to hell

  26. Lol who's surprised? With the way infections were handled, who would hv known letting people just pass by infected cases and walk away was gonna cuz such an uproar? Letting people go right home if they are suspected rather than detain them, though we all know at signs of symptoms would be delayed, who would hv known of the consequences? Don't wear mask ladies and gentlemen, no need for exaggerated concern, yes, cuz we are dramatic people. Connect the dots as to why we are here, is it really that hard to fcking see?

  27. hope the govt consider making it compulsory for wearing masks for all migrant workers even in the rooms of all dormitories including makeshift ones


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