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This is a prelude to the Intro to Motion Graphics Series tutorials, which you can find below. Learn how to make some wicked little flat icons in Illustrator.

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  1. Hiya, sorry, this will be the first time I'm jumping into After Effects after creating these, so I just want to make sure – what format should the icons be exported as? Should they be on different artboards, etc?

  2. First off I want to express how helpful this was and I love your work/tutorials. I graduated three plus years ago and this was great for refreshing on my adobe skills. This specific tutorial has helped me refine my knowledge. The only problem I have run into is the rendering. When I render, it doesn't seem to matter what fps I'm rendering at it all comes out the same, extremely fast. I chose to work in the composition at 60 fps and am using Encoder to render. No matter what settings I change based off of tutorials I am following on rendering, it ends in the same result. Is there anything you can tell me or help to guide me in slowing down my rendered video?

  3. I am a illustrator based in Japan.
    It is good to draw a illustration.
    I am glad to know the other countries' illustrator.
    I subscribed a your channel !👌

  4. Ow yeah! Just what I needed, a series of how to animate several icons in the same drawing style. I know what I'm gonna watch in the next 3 hours 😀
    This is going to be so useful since I'm pretty new to AE and by a quick look it looks like I'll be learning quite a lot.

    Cheer for making this!

  5. this was horrible I disliked and dis subbed im not happy with this video at all now im really upset because I got an F for it and its all your fault

  6. You're making it look too easy. I thought that you need drawing input device to to create stuff in Ai? You are doing this with your mouse and keyboard.


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