D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender Review, Hands On With the N300


D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender Today we review the Dlink DAP-1320 N300 Wireless Range Extender. If you have WiFi dead zones or dead spots in your house, the DAP-1320 is a gadget you will want to check out.

The Wireless Range Extender (DAP-1320) extends your existing wireless network coverage with the push of a button, delivering up to 300Mbps for whole-home coverage. Ideal for hard-to-reach areas like basements, upstairs bedrooms or outdoor areas, the compact Wireless Range Extender gives you performance where you need it most. Simply plug the DAP-1320 into a wall socket within range of your current wireless signal, and instantly expand your home network to the furthest corners of your home.

The DAP-1320 sells for about $50. Please visit for a full review of this wireless range extender

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  1. This is a pretty good wireless extender but it can be a little wierd while setting up but after that its really simple.

  2. i plugged in the extender, its blinking, i typed http://dlinkap7974.local./ and i dont see this page 1:43, whats next?

  3. This thing is a piece of shit ever since I bought it a year ago gave me nothing but problems and it's doing it today again as I try to install it but all it does is flash green you piece of shit

  4. My Laptop shows its connected to the extender (Yes I have it configured too) but it does not work. Please help😣

  5. hey thanks for the video. I've recently changed my router but for some reason cant get the DAP1320 to reconfigure. When I first bought the extender it was very easy. It just flashes amber non stop. My router is also a D-link. please help

  6. These go for about $13 on eBay now which look to be a good deal. I currently use 2 Sabrent N range extenders which while they work have to be rebooted at least once or twice a day depending on how heavy my network traffic is, and that does get annoying, so might give these a shot with 3 of them to fully cover all sides of my single story brick house so I can stream music with my Android phone when cutting the front, back, and side lawns of my house.

  7. Would you happen to know how big is the RAM of this extender? I worry that it will start to slow down when I connect multiple devices.

  8. this dlink repeater often disconnects from wifi router when i play PS4 or PS3 online or watching movies from Netflix, KODI or videos from YouTube… so whats the problem??? help me!!! I connected the manual steps.

  9. Hi Dad Does a simple question? i bought it in canada the N300 which their using 110volts outlet plugs, question can i use my N300 on a 220volts outlet im just thinking it might burn the unit. thank you guys..

  10. I agree with the others. This thing is SO hard to set up. Every time it gives me heartburn, and it seems to need to be rebooted every few days. I have an Airport Express too — far easier, once you get it down (it too doesn't have the best instructions). But this thing, man it's hard. Not to meniton, you didn't say "how" you get to the web page interface. I tried the URL dlink gives you with the extender, isn't working.


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