Data Bootcamp Scams


DATA BOOTCAMP SCAMS // Data bootcamps are mostly a scam. Both data analyst bootcamps and data science bootcamps overpromise what’s possible by completing their program. New companies are jumping on the analytics bandwagon everyday to make money off of people eager to make the salaries of data analysts and data scientist by offering their own data bootcamps.

Why are they such a waste? Are there any that are worth your money?

Many people get lured into the idea of a data boot camp because their selling point is that with a few months and a few thousand dollars, you’ll be in a brand new career in data analytics or data science.

What a shortcut! Skip the 4+ year degree and the tens of thousands of student loans and quickly get a job paying $80k, $100k or even more as a data analyst or data scientist!

Sound too good to be true? You know what they say about deals like that…

Also find out if I feel the same way about coding bootcamps

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  1. Are these bootcamps useful to get an internship position in Data Analytics? Salary doesn't matter to me. All I'm looking for is to get into the field, even as an intern or low level position.

  2. How are these problems different from a college degree. Most of them over promise and depends on the individual to make something out of it.

  3. Hi, have you looked into the Data Analytics Boot Camp at the University of Denver? I am interested in a new career direction but concerned about spending $10,000 for 24 weeks of hard work with limited job prospects at the end. Thank you for the honest video.

  4. I hate when someone talk bad about something and not recommend for people without saying the alternative solution if you want be a data scientist for someone who doesn't have prior experience in data sciences and want to switch carrier

  5. I went through a bootcamp well aware that I would not be ready right after graduation. However, I am definitely learning on my own based on my background in math. The bootcamp didn't give me time to fully develop my skills, but definitely planted a seed for further exploration 🙂 Reviewing some statistical concepts so I can look into regression and eventually into Stanford's Machine Learning course that's free online!

  6. Hi,

    I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Thinkful's Data Science Immersive Program. They claim to be more rigorous with approximately 1200 hours of time invested within the 5 month program time period. Thanks!

  7. How do you know the "majority" of students have not found a job after finishing a DS bootcamp? Just wondering how you can use specifically the word majority. Seems like you would have to talk to a significant amount of people.

  8. im studying microsoft mcse data management and Analytics and im currently an administratror and reporter in healthcare… can i get some career advice for someone trying to get into data analytics/data science?

  9. While I generally agree with you, there are some legit data bootcamps nowadays – they choose the best students – and they promise you a job only if you meet a certain criteria. Moreover, some of them don't get paid upfront – you actually have to pay them some percentage of your salary so their motivation is to give you a job – for clear reasons. Also – if people use common sense before paying this huge amount of money – they can approach graduates and ask them about the program to know what they getting themselves into.
    I don't think we should look at bootcamps in general – we have to understand that data science is a relatively new field and it's only growing in demand- I don't think the market in a few years will look as it is now – in fact, some of the best data scientists I've met came from industrial engineering/biology/arts/economy backgrounds – and let me tell you – they didn't know a lot of statistics as Bsc. graduates – they had to learn a ton as they switched careers and intensive programs such as this could be a really helpful tool. Again, it's just a matter of knowing what you're getting into, what projects you'll have to work on in order to get a job and basically and so on. But I don't want recruiters to brush off good potential candidates just because they're bootcamp graduates.

  10. Hi Jen, thanks for making this video, it's very informative, as are all of your videos. I'm looking to make a career change myself from being a pharmacist to data analysis, and almost caved by purchasing one of these programs.

  11. I use DataCamp to learn R statistical programming language. It’s working for me as a PhD student because my university doesn’t teach R


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