DAY 7 Love Songs Challenge I'M YOURS Ukulele Tutorial (for Baritone too!) Jason Mraz


Welcome! Today we continue the Ukulele Love Songs Challenge, also known as “Fall in Love with Uke.” The tutorials will include the chords for ALL ukuleles (including baritone ukulele).

A new video for this challenge will be posted every 3 days and there will be a total of 10 songs. The songs in this challenge were chosen by the community, so thank you all for your recommendations! Hopefully this will help prepare you for special occasions.
Here’s a link to all of the tutorials in this series

If you are sharing videos of yourself playing these songs, use the hashtag #fallinlovewithuke




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Special thank to Cole Brandt for the background music. You can find Cole’s channel here


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    0:08 Cat
    0:19 Strumming easy
    2:30 Strumming easy baritone
    2:45 Strumming intermediate
    2:56 Left-hand mute
    5:42 Left-hand mute baritone
    8:01 Play-through chords (C-G-Am-F)
    9:01 Strumming hard
    10:20 Strumming hard baritone
    11:05 Play-through chords bridge (C-G-Am-F-D7)
    12:14 The challenge of this song
    13:14 KitKat

  2. It's coz i get to sit on the notes longer but the last strumming pattern I find much easier than the second, thanks Bernie for another amazing tutorial.

  3. I am playing it with a different strumming pattern but i LOVE this one sooooo much. I hope i will get it 😁 Thank you!!! You make me laugh all the time when you say "look,look,look" as it is always coming in the right moment 😁

  4. I'm doing the challenge! And this really helped me! I was becoming frustrated so I decided to watch it and it really helped thank you!

  5. Hi Ms. B! Yikes, those muting are challenging! But they do sound so cool! I want to do Bob M, so gotta practice this one. Gracias for this one!!! 😘😘😘

  6. Hi! I got my little gem banjolele today, and it’s says to put the bridge under the strings. The strings feel way too tight and I’m afraid that if I try to put the bridge underneath, the strings will pop. Was it like that for you?

  7. You mean everything to me – Neil SEDAKA I really wish to play this song… could you cover and teach us pretty please??

  8. Ms. B!! I can't do the mute G chord 😔I have very small hands and I cant seem to grip my uke. Is there another way to do this? Or am I just not doing this right?

  9. Bernadette could you please, please, please, please do a tutorial on Like I'm Gonna Lose You, there's a ukulele cover by Something for No One in itunes. It's with a ukulele and sounds so beautiful! It's super easy for beginners, with the slow speed and just 4 chords but there's a riff I have no hope of working out. (Not sure if riff is the right word, it's a bit of picking). Please, there are others who have done it on YouTube but they don't have it right, and I know you will make it sound beautiful because you're the best.

  10. When my dad was alive, when he would come home from work, he use to play the ukulele for me. I found his old uke but 2 strings are missing and the remaining two strings need changing. I'm planning to ask my uncle to help me fix it because I want to start learning how to play the ukulele just like my dad. 😀

  11. Hey Bernadette teaches music, I was wondering if you could do a reveiw on the Luna Tattoo tenor ukulele. I'm thinking of buying it for my birthday but i want to see if it's a good investment or not. Thanks! ~Mady (a subscriber)

  12. Another well explained tutorial Ms. B🤗🤗🤗. Back in 2010 I sang this song on a wedding (feeling wedding singer lol!!!) with a guitar, that was before I fell in love with the ukulele❤️❤️❤️. 🎙🎶🔈. Peace&love✌🏻&❤️


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