Dead are buried on New York City's Hart Island amid coronavirus surge


New York City officials have hired contract laborers to bury the dead in its potter’s field on Hart Island as the city’s daily death rate from the coronavirus epidemic has reached grim new records in each of the last three days.

Since the 19th century, the city has used Hart Island to bury New Yorkers with no known next of kin or whose family are unable to arrange a funeral.

Typically, some 25 bodies are interred each week by low-paid jail inmates working on the island, which sits off the east shore of the city’s Bronx borough and is accessible only by boat.

That number began increasing in March as the new coronavirus spread rapidly, making New York the epicenter of the pandemic.

Now, about 24 bodies are being buried daily, five days a week, according to Jason Kersten, a spokesman for the Department of Correction, which oversees the burials.


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  1. We should be able to see how many people are being buried there. Stop hiding the truth and show the public exactly how the coronavirus has effected us

  2. this is what happens when you want to conquer the world you makes new kind of weapons and not medical facilities and medicines

  3. So much loneliness & loss in the world is a crushing reality. I'm really sorry. It's hard to process but we are all trying. Parallel yet unified. Keep breathing!!

  4. fake news this island is buried for unclaimed, poor, homeless, neglected and are done by a rikkers island inmates and its mass burial.

  5. REST IN PEACE🕯️Pray for the people who suffered from the covid-19 virus, we Chinese hope the whole world will get better soon, mask on and protect yourself!

  6. WHY no reporting, no commentary, no news person, just video? What year is this from? No facts given. Research Hart Island yourself. Many questions here.

  7. This is very sad. But there have been these graves in ny for many years .. two years ago they had issues with the bones washing up due to island erosion. Alot are illegals with no way to find family , individuals that have no family etc. It is sad and a bit disturbing but there's not much else to do with them. This is not new to New York nor is it new to history… There's many places doing this right now.

  8. Ask FoxNews to buy the houses beside
    Saluting the Heroes of the Coronavirus Pandumbic

  9. Why don't you creamte the deceased one?
    It will stop spreading virus else the graveyard will become hotspot of the deadly virus.
    Condolence to the deceased one's family.
    Lord have mercy on your poor kids.☹

  10. Hart island has been being used forever for burial
    There are claimed to be a million dead on the island
    Mass graves ? How dare you use these photos and deaths as a way to promote yourself

  11. Nice neighborhood, must be a democrat city. Seems like cremation would be better but then again the gruberment likes to milk everything.

  12. If anyone thinks they might know someone who's unclaimed (or even unidentified entirely), check the NamUs database. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System is open to the public and records names of the unclaimed and usually the descriptions and faces of the unidentified. (I keep an eye out for my cousins when I can and they usually are up to date)

  13. The coffin with a dead body is so lightweight that two men can carry it for burial. This is a staged drama for the drone camera we seen too often that only the fooliest of fool can believe it.

  14. Your government has told you that you are an exceptional nation. But you will die like a dog. This is your karma, for the interference in other countries and the killings, the bombings of millions of people around the world. Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine. And all the orange revolutions are organized by the USA in other countries, and imposing devilish democracy is your karma.

  15. Guys Its FAKE!! Search #FilmYourHopsital
    Then click 'recent '. The hospitals get government Aid for claiming people dying of other ailments, are dying of Corona*virus. They get about $13,000 for each coronavirus case! And about $39,000 each time someone needs to be put on the ventilator.👍Truth! Follow the money!


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