Diddy Defends Jay-Z, Independent Artists vs Signed Artists, Rapsody 'Eve' Review | Everyday Struggle


On Tuesday’s (Aug. 27) episode of #EverydayStruggle, Nadeska, Wayno and DJ Akademiks start off the show discussing Diddy’s recent Instagram post, defending Jay-Z’s NFL partnership. The crew also answers a fan question regarding previous Jay-Z backlash and how it differs to the current controversy surrounding Jay and football league. Soon after, the EDS trio weighs in on Chance The Rapper’s recent interview with The Breakfast Club where he talks about not performing at the Super Bowl, and advises independent artists to not sign any record deals or distribution deals. Afterwards, the squad shares their thoughts on Rapsody’s new album, ‘EVE’ in their segment ‘The Review.’ Later in the episode, the crew determines the fate of some new singles from Missy Elliot, ‘Throw It Back,’ Vince Staples ‘So What?’ and Jack Harlow’s ‘Thru The Night.’ Soon after, the EDS trio speaks on Bas’ tweet about New Yorkers and Pop Smoke in their ‘Big Facts or B.S.?’ segment and to close the show, Ak, Wayno and Nadeska discuss the 2019 VMA winners, Kodak Black pleading guilty to federal charges, Lil Uzi offering to pay for a fan’s college tuition and Adam 22 revealing that he paid for Dame Dash’s recent interview in their ‘Quick Hits’ segment.

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  1. A bunch of waiting ass niggas 😅 Barack Obama??? 8yrs 😅 Donald Trump-what do you got to loose??? 3yrs later 😅😅 now this 😅😅 keep waiting ninjas.

  2. Kodak team needs to really change, letting him get into all this shit knowing his worth and knowing he has a family he has to take care of is just crazy you have to protect the QB of the team as best as possible. He needs to patch shit up with g1 and all them other guys that were there from. Day 1 and that are actually family because no one is gonna protect you like family. Just pray he can get a short sentence and get out and start cutting people off.

  3. one time for wayno stunting on these niggas and name dropping that VP title u could have just said im removing being in the industry but oh no no no not from VP wayno

  4. How/Why is “actionable items” and performing at the Super Bowl mutually exclusive?!?!

    It’s just driving me nuts!

  5. They keep saying give Jay a chance but it's not about that it's about him keeping it a secret on how he expects to make change from his partnership deal. Don't make this apart of racial injustice and not speak on nothing that he planned to do. Jay is not God so just because he say trust him don't mean we should trust him. We will wait ti see what he does but we have questions now since he made a press conference about this. Everyday Struggle stop being so scared to speak on Jay Z. That's not great reporting.

  6. It's so amazing to me how media people watch that press conference and still don't understand the social just aspects of the Jayz partnership, they only said it a hundred times smh people are just married to their solatious narratives smh I expect this from randoms on the internet but damn y'all supposed to be professionals

  7. It’s disgusting how we cut down anybody that tells us to invest in ourselves. Dame and Chance are 💯. Grow up people.

  8. Diddy is cool and appears smart and all until he starts talking about ‘black excellence’ like buddy trying to stop ‘racism’ by labelling 😂 making it sound as it’s such a great accomplishment for a black man to make it in today’s environment smh imagine if white folks started the whole praising of white excellence 😂😂😂

  9. Wayno & Nedeska keep makin excuses for Jay.. the FACTS are we dont know anything about that deal other than he'll be helping with the superbowl performances. Until more info comes out he's allowed to be questioned. AK is right in that


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