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Please read the descriptions below for more details. Thank you.
Different options to substitute ELASTIC EAR LOOPS!

While the best line of defence is a thorough hand-washing regimen, masks are super helpful if you’re ill and don’t want to spread your germs. Masks can be hard to come by these days so I made this sewing tutorial on how to make a mask with a replaceable-filter! I am providing my own free mask pattern for this tutorial as well. Please remember to like and subscribe to see more videos like this one. Stay safe and healthy! Happy sewing!

More detailed instruction can be found on our website:


Pattern Link (edited March 24th, 2020)
Mask with a Replaceable Filter -Free Pattern

** Scale the pattern up to 115% for men and scale the pattern down to 85% when printing for a child’s mask (perfect fit for a toddler).**

Fabric Links
(Please use lightweight natural fabrics to make the mask breathable since it will become a 3 layer mask after all.)
All the fabrics from Dailylike Canada

Mask Filters
(I’m not an expert on this. But I’m leaving some links to help you find what I used for the filter. N95 Mask filter definitely helps this situation with proper use.)

Links updated on April 20th for N95 Filters
N95 Mask Filters (I made a purchase from Amazon but I haven’t received them yet. I leave a link just in case you’re curious!)

Nose Clip (I upcycled it from a used mask.) : Produce twist ties will work perfectly.
Ear Loops (I upcycled it from a used mask.) : 1/4″ Elastic will work.


These are my online fabric shops.
– Dailylike Canada
– Two O Nine Fabric Studio

Some of the links above are affiliate links. .Clicking and purchasing through affiliate links gives me a small commission. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, I wanted to help you find the materials easier. So you can focus more on your project. Thank you.

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About the video
This video is a DIY sewing tutorial on how to make a mask with a replaceable filter. The video is a very easy step by step sewing tutorial. The video also shows how to upcycle ear loops and nose clips from a used mask. The video also provides a free mask pattern from Sewing Therapy.


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  1. Thanks Sarah.. I've tried it. it comes out great.. is it okay to put your chanel name on my website. I am inspired to make a tutorial in bahasa after seeing your vid. Thanks alot.

  2. Thank you I found your how to video the easiest to follow , especially how to size for children and men on the pattern – Long Island , NY

  3. Thank you so much, Sara! I looked at dozens of tutorials and patterns, and I love yours and think it's the best! Aloha from Hawaii.

  4. Someone that made it was able to change the ft. to cm? i tried to make it with google but it doesn't make much sense to me…

  5. Sara, I can't thank you enough for your pattern. It is simple. It is effective. It is the best one I have found on the internet. I have made them for family and first responder I know. THANK YOU

  6. Thank you for making this tutorial Sara. I've just made mine with a filter from HEPA vacuum bag. The elastic bands I need are 7 inches. I also made darts as you suggested. It fits my narrow face better. Hello from Sydney. 🤗

  7. I've gotten so many compliments on this mask! Thank you so much for sharing. I have shared with a number of people also:-)

  8. Thanks for the informative video. It was very helpful. I do not have a printer, mask, or a computer. Could you send me a template with all the measurements on it and the size of the pattern. My email –

  9. Thank you so much from Colorado! I will definitely try this pattern. I've been making some for the VA Hospital. Thanks for the tips for filters. I think I have some vacuum bags and I know I have coffee filters. Before I saw this video – Mission accomplished! I finished 10 masks for a total of 20 for the VA hospital today! As I was looking at the masks I realized how imperfect they were but I also thought the stitches reminded me of a heartbeat and each one of these stitches could be saving someone's life. I definitely hope so…

    Time to deliver to Hi Fashion and find more material for more masks. STAY WELL! Sincerely! Vicki

  10. Thank you Sara for an easy to follow tutorial. My friend is a nurse. She says the hospital is running out of masks. Until they have enough supply of surgical masks, I will make some for her and her coworkers. She said that by doing this I would literally help to save lives.

  11. Thank you! I don’t have a printer though. Can you make a pattern with measurements available please…already to scale?

  12. I just want to say thank you so much for the pattern i made 1 of the mask and it turned out great , wishing you an your family not but best of good health.

  13. Thank you for this video. It took me a while to make because I don't have a sewing machine. Nevertheless, It was really easy and fits great. Thanks a million


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