Dog Groomer Live Q & A $5 Tip Answers


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  1. Haven’t watched the vid yet, but I give about 8 bucks for a tip, possibly more just for a nail clipping for my dog. My short haired Weiner dog is pretty low maintenance but the one thing she won’t allow me to do is cut her for the people that can do it for me and do it well…yeah they certainly earn a tip from me. It’s equivalent to taking a child to the hair salon in my opinion lol

    Edit I thought the vid was discussing tipping etiquette in the grooming world loll would be a good video though…

  2. I figured you were in the military. That's where your no nonsense attitude comes from! 💕 Thank you for your service!! 😍😘💕

  3. Thank you DeeDee, love watching u, you remindme so much of myself, i will be booking a Coaching session soon. Do i do that through your website? I am about to open my own business and need some direction.

  4. I was talking to a fellow in our dog therapy group and she told me that a groomer she had taken her German shepherd to burned his balls and as a result had to be neutered. Even with that the dog is still not right in that area. Thank you for emphasizing checking the temperature of your blade.

  5. Hello, can you suggest grooming tools for a Pomeranian with a big coat. He gets matted behind the ears. Also, he has thinner hair around the hip and bum area. The skin is pink but appears to have black "pores". Thank you.


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