Draw islamic art with the Zellige App (Part 2)


This is a short demonstration, how to color a Zellige mosaic with the Zellige App.

1. Mark a tile with a mouse click.
2. Open the color panel via the toolbar.
3. Chose a color.
4. Click on the background to unmark all tiles.
5. Hold down the option key and double click on a tile to mark all similar tiles.
6. Chose a color.
7. Now color all squares in the same way.
8. With control double click on a tile all tiles with the same color will be marked.
9. Chose a color.
10. So marking all knob tiles is an unnecessary step, because they already have the new color.
11. Color more shapes.
12. You can use the pipette tool in the Color panel to get a color from anywhere of your screen.
13. You can also paint your tiles with a different color by dragging with the mouse over them.

The Zellige App in the Mac App Store:

Source: cuocdoidanghien.com

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