Emma & Wendy Pretend Play with Musical Instrument Toys for Kids & Sing Nursery Rhymes


Emma & Wendy pretend play with musical instruments and start their own band to sing nursery rhyme songs! Wendy has a cool keyboard and Emma has a drum. Wendy decided to play with Emma’s drum, but accidentally broke it. Wendy took the toy to the toy fixer to fix it. Emma thought Wendy took her drum and followed her. Wendy felt bad, so they all went to the toy store to buy Emma a new drum. The toy seller didn’t have any drums in stock, but instead had a cool microphone and Disney Frozen ukulele. The toy seller went to his storage to see if he still had a drum set for Emma. Emma, Wendy, and the Uncle Tim sang the nursery rhyme Johny Johny Yes Papa (Emma Wendy version) together. They went back home and played their toy instruments together. The band sang Rain Rain Go Away, The ABC Alphabet song, and Old MacDonald Had a Farm!

Source: cuocdoidanghien.com

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