Enigmatica 2: Expert Mode – EP 42 | Mystical Agriculture seed duplication


Today we set up a way for us to duplicate the seeds from Mystical agriculture, we also set up a tier 1 blood altar.

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► Level Seed: 2242326653817606596
► Enigmatica 2 Expert is a expert modpack with semi-linear gated progression that’s based around a smack full questbook. Have you ever wanted to fight Dragons, Cyclops or Zombies with Quantum armor? Well here’s your chance. The pack is crammed with custom recipes and modular machines that provide additional flair.

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Source: cuocdoidanghien.com

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  1. u can use fluxed phytogro in the cloche as a fertilizer to get a 5.0x multiplier and grow them super fast

  2. yaaayy 1st xD always learning from you man! loving this series so much and also follwoing along with your machines and processing


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